CHRIST (Deemed to be University) has established 19 special centres to help different stakeholders, prepare people and organizations to the complexities of education in the twenty first century. Each of these centres, with stated objectives, strives to deliver a fuller learning experience. They facilitate a two-way dissemination of information and knowledge between the University and various stakeholders like institutions, organizations, corporate, members of the teaching fraternity, students, and individuals to help them keep abreast with the latest developments in their respective domains.



1. Centre for Concept Design
2. Centre for Research
3. Centre for Social Action [CSA]
4. Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum [CEDBEC]
5. National Cadet Corps [NCC]
6. Theatre In Education [TIE]
7. Centre for Social Research [CSR]
8. Minor Research Projects
9. Internal Quality Assurance Cell [ IQAC]
10. Centre for Advanced Research and Training [CART]
11. Centre for Publications
12. Kannada Sangha
13. CU - Academic Staff College
14. Centre for Research – Projects
15. Centre for Academic and Professional Support [CAPS]
16. Centre for Digital Innovation [CDI]
17. Centre for Sustainable Education and Development
18. Centre for Case Research and Development
19. Inspire - Incubation Centre
20. Centre for Indian and Foreign Languages 
21. Psychology Consultancy Cell
22. Centre for Counselling and Health Services