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Atna - Journal of Tourism Studies (AJTS) is a platform for academicians, researchers, and professionals in the field of tourism to interact and expand the frontiers of knowledge in domestic and international perspectives. Focusing upon the original investigations and analysis of theoretical concepts of tourism, Atna aims to contribute for better understanding and wisdom to the fields of travel, tourism, and hospitality. AJTS is a humble attempt to communicate diverse dimensions of travel tourism and hospitality issues and developments among the academic fraternity. ‘Atna’ offers a platform for the expansion of frontiers of knowledge about travel, tourism and hospitality. ‘Atna’ brings to the readers interesting and scholarly articles of authors from different continents of the world.



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  • Managing Editor  -    Anil Joseph Pinto

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  • Dr. Dilip M R, Head, Dept of Tourism, Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies, Trivandrum.
  • Dr. George Paul, Rajagiri Institute of Management, Kalamassery, Cochin.
  • Dr. Ashish Dahiya,HNB Garhwal University,Srinagar, Garhwal.
  • Dr. Joby Thomas, Dept. of Tourism Studies CHRIST (Deemed to be University) , Bangalore
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  • Dr. Suja John ,Dept of Tourism Studies, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) , Bangalore
  • Ms. Bindi Varghese, Dept of Tourism Studies, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore


Atna – Articles Journal of Tourism Studies 16 | July-December 2016 >>

Tourism Circuit Development in Peripheral Destinations:

Case of Tripura, India

Supriya Dam                                                                                       1


Celebrity Endorsement Solving the Destination Marketing


Rosma Jolly                                                                                          17


Theoretical Paradigm and Empirical Perspective of the

“Slumdog Millionaire Effect”

Shamima Akthar                                                                                  43


Perceived Risks; Prominent Dimensions among Tourists

from South India

Jose K Antony                                                                                      61


Teenagers Perceptions of Retail Format in Shopping Malls:

A study on Forum Mall and its Patronage in Bangalore                 81

V Jaykumar


Critical Analysis of Slum Tourism: A Retrospective

on Bangalore

Neha Itty Jose Paul                                                                              95


Atna – Articles from the issue 16 | 11 (2) July-December 2016 >>


A Comparative Analysis of Competency Expectations
between Tourism Professionals and Tourism Academicians

Nagarjuna G                                                                                                                       1


A Study on Changes in GDP due to its Relative
Dependence on Tourism Receipts

Anson KJ and Avin Thaliath                                                                                                17


Motivation for ‘Consumer–Producer‘ Interactions in Tourism:

Disintermediation and Scope for Travel Agencies

Jovial Anthony Fernandes and Emy Alex                                                                             31


The Green Souvenir Industry of Kerala

A Comprehensive Analysis

Robinet Jacob, Mahadevan P and Anita T A                                                                         47


A Study on the Impact of Yoga Tourism on Tourists
Visiting Kerala

Ambili K                                                                                                                             59


Atna - Articles from Issue #15 >>

Atna – Articles from the issue 15 |11(1) January-June 2015


A Comparative Analysis of Competency Expectations
between Tourism Professionals and Tourism Academicians

Nagarjuna G                                                                                                                       1


A Study on Changes in GDP due to its Relative
Dependence on Tourism Receipts

Anson KJ and Avin Thaliath                                                                                             17


Motivation for ‘Consumer–Producer‘Interactions in Tourism:
Disintermediation and Scope for Travel Agencies

Jovial Anthony Fernandes and Emy Alex                                                                             31


The Green Souvenir Industry of Kerala

A Comprehensive Analysis

Robinet Jacob, Mahadevan P and Anita T A                                                                         47


A Study on the Impact of Yoga Tourism on Tourists
Visiting Kerala

Ambili K                                                                                                                           59



Atna - Articles from Issue #14 >>

Case Study of Theyyam Dance

Jacob John and Megha Jacob                                                                                                  1


A Study on Disclosure of Intangible Assets in
5 Star Hotels in Bangalore

Mugdha Kulkarni & Vaybhav Malhotra                                                                               17


A Study on the Relationship between Employee Engagement
and Organizational Citizenship with Reference to Employees
Working in Travel Organizations

Ginu George and Binoy Joseph                                                                                               33


The Social Perspective of Tourism in Review of Sustainability
and Carrying Capacity: A Synthesis of Observations and

K L Ajay, Deleep Devasia and SanoopKumar P V                                                                      45


An Assessment of the Activeness Factors of
Tourists Visiting Southern Karnataka

Neha Itty Jose Paul                                                                                                                 61


Atna - Articles from Issue #13 >>

A Study on Creation and Development of

Wine Tourism Circuits in Maharashtra

Anupama  Kotur Kaddi                                                                                                             1


Local Community Involvement in Tourism: 
A Content Analysis of Websites of Wildlife Resorts

Nagarjuna G                                                                                                                           13


Sustainable Coastal Tourism: A Community Perspective

Joseph P D and P Pakkeerappa                                                                                                  23


A Shift from Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Choices:
A Study on Tourism Professionals in Goa

Cheryl Venan Dias  and Venan Bonaventure Dias                                                                      35

Measuring Community Impact Assessment for
Internal Destination Performance Evaluation in
an Exploring Tourist Destination
Toney K Thomas                                                                                                                     53

Scanning the Dynamics of Participatory Research (PRIT)
in Heritage Tourism Management: 
The Case of Chitharal in Tamil Nadu, India
Anu Chandran                                                                                                                         73

Atna - Articles from Issue #12 >>

Atna-Journal of Tourism Studies

No12, 10, 2, (2014), ISSN 0975-3281|

The Nuanced Approaches in Destination Branding and
Promotion of Film-Induced Tourism: A Mixed Method
Inquiry Based in Puducherry
Anu Chandran R C                                                                                                           


An Empirical Analysis of Wine Tourists’ Perspective on
Tourism Infrastructure in Wine Regions of Maharashtra

Anupama Kotur Kaddi   and Paramita Suklabaidya                                        


Airlines Operation to Puducherry: Poor Patronage or
Inefficiency of the Carrier? 

Jitendra Mohan Mishra                                                                                              


A Case Study on the Prospects of Customer-Brand
Relationship in Tourism

Sneha N                                                                                                                             

Motivational Behaviour of Tourism Industry Employees in
Relation to Organisational Culture
Tomy K Kallarackal 

Atna - Articles from Issue #11 >>

Atna-Journal of Tourism Studies

No 11,  9, 1, (2014), ISSN 0975-3281|

A Study on the Prospects and Potential Threats to the
Hospitality Industry in India
Sherry Abraham and C Rajesh Kumar                                                              


Economic and Environmental Aspects of

SustainableTourism Development-A Conceptual Study

Nabanita Khuntia and Jitendra Mohan Mishra                                         

Impact of Tourism on Livelihoods
Anjali Aggarwal  and Govind Tiwari                                                               


Prospects of Ecotourism Development in Ganderbal
District of Jammu and Kashmir

Iqbal Ahmad Bhat and Shyju P J                                                                       


Infrastructural Determinants of Tourism in India

Suraj V Ayyappan, Santhosh Kumar P K and Jerlin Jose                          


Atna - Articles from Issue #10 >>

Atna-Journal of Tourism Studies


No 10, 8, 2, (2013), ISSN 0975-3281|


Event Motivation Study of Wine Festival Visitors
in Maharashtra
Anupama Kotur Kaddi                                                                                                 


Medical  Tourism and Inclusive Growth: Significance of
Ayurveda Sector

Jacob John and Seema Chelat                                                                                  


Film Induced Tourism: 

A Study in Indian Outbound Tourism
Nitin Mittal and G Anjaneyaswamy                                                                                 


Celebrity Endorsement as an Effective Tool for
Destination Marketing among Occupation Groups
in Bangalore
Rosma Mary Jolly  and Mynavathi L                                                                     



SWOT Analysis of Eco-Labels and their Projection on
Sustainability Spectrum: A Theoretical Evaluation of
Destination India
Shamima Akhter and M A Darzi                                                                              


Atna - Articles from Issue #9 >>

Atna-Journal of Tourism Studies, Issue No. 9, vol.8, No1, January-June 2013




Influence of New Media on Travel Decision Making

M R Dileep, Sindhu S and Abduraoof Ahmed Ismail                                                  1


A Web-based GIS for Tourism Administration in Kerala

Venugopal C K and V Ajayakumar                                                                            17


Bridging the Gap between Producers and Consumers of

Himachali Fruit Wines

Suresh Chauhan, Sukarn Sharma and Yenesew Alene                                               33       


Multisensory Marketing: Creating New Sustainability

Perspective in Hospitality Sector

Prarthana Kumar                                                                                                       43       


Review Article


Conceptualizing Destination Performance Evaluation for

Internal Destination Benchmarking: A Review

Toney K Thomas                          57

Atna - Articles from Issue #8 >>

Atna-Journal of Tourism Studies, Issue No. 8, vol.8, No2, July – December 2012

A Study on the Role and Contribution of Women for the
Development of Ayurvedic Education in Kerala
Anila Thomas                                                                                                                              1

Sustainable Hospitality Management and Dimensions of
Environmental Regulations : A Qualitative Study on the
Puducherry Perspective
Anu Chandran R C and Sherry Abraham                                                                                        23

Karnataka Tourism Satellite Accounts (Kar-TSA):
A Necessity for the Tourism Industry
Mahesh Kumar                                                                                                                            41

Ecotourism in Eaglesnest, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh:
 A Case Study
Peter Lobo                                                                                                                                  75

Sustainability Issues in River Tourism:
A Case Study of Ganges in Varanasi
Neha Tandon                                                                                                                               87

Pilgrimage Tourism: A Study on Palani Temple, Tamil Nadu
C Aruljothi and S Ramaswamy                                                                                                     103

Sustainability Issue in Tourism: 
A Case Study of Yuksam Village, Sikkim
Irengbam Rubita

Atna - Articles from Issue #7 >>

Atna-Journal of Tourism Studies, Issue No. 7, vol.7, No1, January – June 2012

Tourism and Acculturation: A Study of Goa
Pinky Pawaskar  and Mridula Goel     
The Need for an E-Commerce Platform for India
Jitendra Mohan Mishra      

Role of Government in Development of Sustainable Ecotourism in Karnataka   
Vinayak R Naik and B C Sanjeevaiah               

A  Study on Destination Image of Kerala as an Ayurvedic Health Care Destination    
Bindu V T  and Sampad Kumar Swain   

A Study on Customer Perception of Medical Tourism in Puducherry
C  Shanthi Marie and Sampad Kumar Swain

Atna - Articles from Issue #6 >>


Atna – Vol 6

Management Practices in Hospital Administration: A Study of the Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Organizations in South India

Bindi Varghese


Tourism Development and Exchequer’s Encouragement



The Dynamics of Host Participation in Tourism for Effectively Offsetting Agrarian Crisis in Wayanad

Sibi George and G Anjaneya Swamy


Tourism Development and its Impact on the Peripheral Society: A Case Study of Ladakh

Priyanka Singh and Ajay Kumar Singh


Dental Tourism Development in India

Binoy T A and Monisha


Tangibles as a Dimension of Service Quality:  A Case Study on Four Star Hotels in India

Malini Singh and Shaji Thomas


Strategic Planning and Marketing of Rural Tourism in Western Orissa

ShwetaSaibal Samanta Sahoo and Sarat Kumar Lenka


The Attitude of Customers towards Organized  Food Retailing: An Application of Attitude towards-

Object Model

Abhinav Kumar Shandilya and Praveen Srivastava

Atna - Articles from Issue #5 >>

Atna – Vol. 5, December 2010

1) Application of GIS in Tourism – Designing a Framework for Kerala Tourism – Venugopal C. K.

2) A Plan to Guide the Direction of Success for Kulik Bird Sanctuary in West Bengal – Tamal Basu Roy

3) Destination Marketing Through Film Tourism: A Study on Western Orissa – Shwetasaibal Samanta Sahoo, Sarat Kumar Lenka

4) Heritage Walks as a Tool for Promoting Sustainable Historical Tourism – Joby Thomas

5) Agri-Tourism in India: A Way of Rural Development – Sukanta Sarkar

6) Wildlife Tourism Entrepreneurs the Way Ahead in Attaining Sustainability – Pranjal Kumar Mahanta, Y. Venkata Rao

7) The Vanishing Sacred Groves (“Kavus”) in ‘God’s Own Country’ and its Ecological Significance – Umesh U, Sheena

Atna - Articles from Issue #4 >>

Atna – Vol 4., December 2009

1.Review of Leisure Activity Participation Constraint Models – Jeongsun Kimmm

2.Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Tourism – Jyotirmoy Ghosh, G. Anjaneyaswamy

3.Ecotourism and Community Involvement: Challenges and Strategies: Joseph P. D., P. Pakkeerappa.

4.Sustainable Tourism Development: Issues and Strategies for Development in India with Special Reference to the State of Uttaranchal – Jitendra Mohan Mishra, Sailaja Gullapalli

5.Economic Recession and Its Impact on Tourism: Joby Thomas, P. Pakkeerappa

6.Public Relations vis-à-vis Attitudes and Perceptions of Users of Services – A Synthesis for Tourism Promotion Marketing – Mansi Kamra

7.Family Business Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality Industry – A Study on the Pondicherry Perspective of Management – M. Kanthan and G. Anjaneyaswamy

Atna - Articles from Issue #3 >>

Issue #3

1. Community Participation and Visitor Satisfaction for Ecotourism Development in Similipal National Park, Orissa
Sampad Kumar Swain, Bivraj Bhusan Parida, S.C. Bagri

2. Wedding Tourism and India
Paramita Suklabaidya

3. Ecotourism for Eco Friendly Guest and Green Host - A Case Study on Thenmala Ecotourism Project, Kerala
Binoy T. A.

4. Responsible Tourism: A Destination Perspective
Vinodan A.

5. Job Esteem Assessment of Front Office Employees of the Hospitality Industry
Bharti Gupta

6. Ecotourism and Sustainability: An Analysis of Strategies, Practices and Problems
Sheker Naik, K. Puttanna

7. Food and Beverage Facilities - An Appraisal of Selected Restaurants of Haryana Tourism Resorts
Vinti Davar, Sandeep Malik

8. Ecotourism for Rural Karnataka: Some Impact Assessments
Nanjunda D. C.

9. Hotel Industry Strategies for Entrepreneurship
Jyotirmoy Ghosh, G. Anjaneyaswamy

10. Hospitality Education and Advisory Committees in Indian Universities: An Analysis of Academic Success
Mohinder Chand, Ashish Dahiya

11. Role of Women in Tourism
Dilip M. R.

12. Dynamics of Tourism Growth and Its Impact on an Emerging Destination: A Study on Gangtok, Sikkim
Anu Chandran


Atna - Articles from Issue #2 >>

Issue #2
1. Proficiency of Foreign Languages: A Study of the Approved Tourist Guides of Aurangabad Region
Madhuri T. Sawant, Rajesh N. Ragde

2. Sustainable Development of Tourism in the Eastern Europe: A Case Study of Romania
Nedelea, Babu P. George

3. Strategies for Sustainable Eco-Tourism Development
Madhuri T. Sawant

4. Special Tourism Area - A Critical Study of Bekal
Sindhu Joseph

5. Management of Eco-Tourism Sites: A Case Study of the Ajantha Caves
Rajesh Ragde, Madhuri T. Sawant

6. Prospects of Developing Medical Tourism in India
Binoy T. A.

7. New Age Tourism Product: The Cruise Industry - The Fastest Growing Tourism Sector
Paramita Suklabaidya

8. Gastronomy Tourism - A Tool for Promoting Jharkhand as Tourist Destination
Mohinder Chand, Ashish Dahiya, Lata S. Patil

9. Issues in Effective Teaching Learning in Tourism Education
Toney K. Thomas

10. Human Resource Development in Airline Industry: A Study on HRD Initiatives of Indian
Joby Thomas, P. Pakkeerappa

11. Intrapreneurship Approach for Tourism Management
Jyothirmoy Ghosh, G. Anjaneya Swamy


Atna - Articles from Issue #1 >>

Issue #1
1. The Future of Market Segmentation and Relationship Marketing in the Tourism and Hospitality Sectors
Susan Horner

2. Application of Data Envelope Analysis (DEA) Effectiveness Models: Example Application for International Hotels in Taiwan and Issues in Using Particular Models
Ching-Cheng Shen, Chin-Fa Tsai, Tzung-Cheng (T.C.) Huan

3. ‘Neuromarketing’ Model for Tourism Promotion
P. Deepika

4. An Evaluation of Climbing as a Sport Tourist Activity, Using the Robinson and Gammon (2004) Conceptual Framework
Tom Robinson
5. Developing Sustainable Tourism at Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park
Adarsh Batra, Haiping, Gao, Xuejing, Zou, Pariyanud, Sutheera

6. Hospitality Industry – Redefining Leisure and Recreation
Manoj Sharma

7. Competition in Indian Sky, Fly High or Nose Dive….
Shyju P. J.

8. Strategic Role of Hampi Development Authority in Promoting Tourism in Karnataka: A Study
P. Pakkeerappa, Joby Thomas

9. Food and Drink as a Tourism Product – The Relevance for India
Susan Horner, N.G. Vinod

10. ‘Gruelixir’: Conceptualizing a Distinct ‘Travel Food’
Sikha Shailesh & P. Deepika

11. Niche Marketing in the Hospitality Industry
Srikanth Beldona, Marvin Cetron, Frederick DeMicco

12. Sustainability and Eco Practices in Tourism
Rabinet Jacob

13. Sustainable Tourism Development: The Case of Periyar Tiger Reserve
M. R. Dileep