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CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Law Journal (CULJ), ISSN 2278-4322, a peer reviewed academic publication, seeks to facilitate greater interest and deeper insight in various fields of law among students, academicians and legal scholars. It provides space for discussions, comments and concerns in recent legal issues and developments. The Journal targets undergraduate and graduate institutions, research centres, policy makers and government organizations.

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Thomas C Mathew


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Anil Joseph Pinto


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Somu C S

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  •       Tushar Asrani

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Hon’ble Mr Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly

Former Judge, Supreme Court of India


Amarjit Singh Chandhiok

Additional Solicitor General, Supreme Court of India


Padma Shri N R Madhava Menon

Chancellor, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyala, Bilaspur

Founder, National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Founder, The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Founder Director, National Judicial Academy, Bhopal



Pinky Anand

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Udaya Holla

Senior Advocate, High Court of Karnataka

Founder and Partner of Holla & Holla Associates, Bangalore

Former Advocate General, Karnataka High Court

V S Mallar

Chair Professor, M.K. Nambiar Chair on Constitutional Law,

National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Shamnad Basheer

MHRD Chair Professor (IPR),

The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

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Director, School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore

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Veryl V Miles

Professor, Columbus School of Law,

The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., USA

John Sawyer


Law Lecturer and Award Co-ordinator,

Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK


Varottil Umakanth

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law,

National University of Singapore, Singapore


Articles of Issue #9


Articles of Issue 9 |5(2) July-December 2016

Bilateral Investment Treaties and Sovereignity:

An Analysis with respect to International

Investment Law

Joseph Thaliath                                                                       1


Third Gender Rights: The Battle for Equality

Akanksha Mishra                                                                    9


A Critical Analysis of the  Appointment of

Federal Supreme Court Judges in the USA

Dr. Rangin Pallav Tripathy                                                    23


Olympics and Rule 40: A Marathon of Controversies

Vidhi K Tiwari & Suman Setty                                                37


Affirmative Action and the Marginalized

Population : A study on the Creamy layer

and its Relevance Today

Pavan Srinivas                                                                        45


Dharma and the Indian Constitution                                      57

Leepakshi Rajpal & Mayank Vats


Book Review

A Review of Media and Law with respect to

Print, Broadcast and Online Journalism

Sunitha Abhay Jain                                                                 71


Articles of Issue #8

Editorial                                                                                        v



Determining the Bench Size for

Constitutional Adjudication

B. Muthu Kumar                                                                                                   1


Corporate Guarantee: Computation of Guarantee

Fees at Arm’s Length Price

Vinti Agrawal                                                                                                        19


Doctrine of Desuetude – Addressing the

Constitutional Minefield

Yash Tripathi and Rupali Singh                                                                        35


Practise & Belief of Santhara: Right to Die

Niharika Choudhary  and Divyansh Singh                                                       49


Reconciling the Pro-Choice Argument with the

Anti-Life Rhetoric: Issues in the Indian Context

Saloni Dukle                                                                                                              63


Protection of Video Games under Copyright Law:

A Comparative Study

Gibran Naushad and Anuj Bahukhandi                                                                 75


Case Comment: Devidas Ramachandra Tuljapurkar

V. State of Maharashtra

Shardha Rajam                                                                                                            87


Book Review

A Review of Competition Law with respect to the

European Union

Diganta Biswas                                                                                                               99


Articles of Issue #7

Research Articles

Islamic Banking and its Legal Validity in India

Arushi Dikshit and Gayatri Pradhan                                              1


Attacks on United Nations Peacekeeping Forces:
Violation of International Humanitarian Law

Tania Gicela Bolaños Enriquez                                                          19


Evolving Dimensions of Judiciary in India

Meera Mathew                                                                                       39


Deeming Fiction: The Statutory Intendment of
Affixing Corporate Criminal Liability in India

Mishika Bajpai and Anish Vohra                                                        55


Prisoners’ Conjugal Visitation Rights in India:
Changing Perspectives

Anamica Singh and Anupal Das Gupta                                              73


The Path to Innovation: An Amalgamation of
 Patent Law and the Dynamic Competition Regime

Ketana Krishna and Sushma Sosha Philip                                            89


French Legal System in Puducherry vis-à-vis the
 Hindu Law in India: Impact on Women and Children

Vayuna Gupta                                                                                             109


Deciphering Chinese Capital Markets:
 Current Scenario, Challenges and Potential

Enakshi Jha                                                                                                  122


Female Intestate Succession under the Hindu Succession

Act, 1956: An Epitome of Inequality and Irrationality

Ayushi Singhal                                                                                             147


Water Disputes over Inter-State Rivers: The

Indian Experience

Sharad S. Javali                                                                                            159


Legislative Note: Regulation 5 (9) of the Combination

Regulations under the Competition Act, 2002

Krishna Deo Singh Chauhan                                                                     197


Book Review

A Review of India’s Constitution - Origins and


Shampa I. Dev                                                                                               205


Articles of Issue #6

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Law Journal


4, 1 (2015), ISSN 2278-4322|


The Judicial System of Ethiopia: From ‘Empire’ to

‘Military Junta’ to  ‘Federal Democratic Republic’: A Legacy


K  I Vibhute                                                                                                                         


Representation of Women on the Board of Directors  

under the
Companies Act, 2013

Vaibhavi Tadwalkar and Soundarya Lahari Vedula                                   


The New Human Rights Paradigm: Convention on the

Rights of

Persons with Disabilities and its Implementation in India

Smitha S Nizar                                                                                                                   


Examining the Lacunae in the International Aviation

Regime in the

Context of the MH 17 Incident

Jaideep Kodali                                                                                                                


A Theoretical Analysis of the Law on Sedition in India

Aishwarya Narayanan                                                                                               


Implementing Cultural Diversity Within and

Outside the
European Union: A Test for the Delineation of  

Competence in
Cultural Matters?

Laura-Maria Cr?ciunean                                                                                              


Book Review


A Review of Contract Law in the United States:

Reading Margaret Radin’s - Boilerplate
Robert C Berring


Articles of Issue #5

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Law Journal


3, 2 (2014), ISSN 2278-4322|


 The ‘Disabled’ as a Subject of Law:

Utopian Discourse or Pragmatic Paradigm?

Gaurav Mukherjee                                                                                                         


‘Invisible’ Women Street Vendors:

Lacunae in the Street Vendors Act, 2014

Manasi Chaudhari                                                                                                          


Advance Pricing Agreements in India:

A Revolution in Taxation Law

Avani Verma and Surabhi Singh                                                                             


Understanding Guerrilla Tactics in International Arbitration

Preet Singh Oberoi                                                                                                          


Case Comment: Alister Anthony Pareira v. State of Maharashtra

Alby Joseph                                                                                                                        


Marital Rape: An Evaluation of the Patriarchal Injustice in the
Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013

Shivika Choudhary                                                                                                          



Book Review

Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice

Ambily P

Articles of Issue #4

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Law Journal, 3, 1 (2014), ISSN 2278-4322|


Informed Consent in Clinical Trials and the Role of Institutional
Ethics Committees: A Socio-Legal Analysis
P C Harigovind

Enforcement of Human Rights: Effectiveness of International
Devarshi Mukhopadhyay

An Analysis of the Scope of Judicial Overreach in the Context of
Legislative Intent
Sreyan Chatterjee

Rise in the Freedom of Contract: Development and
Enforceability of Forum Selection Clauses
Shreyan Sengupta and Anirudhya Dutta

The Extent of Mitigation of Risks through Regulation of
OTC Derivative Markets in Different Jurisdictions
Anshul Agrawal

Judicial Analysis of the Powers and Functions of the
Administrative Tribunals
Sanjay Gupta and Smriti Sharma

India’s Tryst with International Criminal Law: Why
Delhi Cannot Digest the Roman Pasta?
Arjun Bhagi

Book Review
On the Front Foot: Writings of Anil Divan on Courts,
Press and Personalities
Mini S

Articles of Issue #3

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Law Journal, 2, 2 (2013), ISSN 2278-4322|


Explosive Remnants of War: A War after the War?
Aditya Pratap Singh and Siddharth Mishra

Judicial Analysis of the Constitutional and Procedural
Safeguards against Arbitrary Arrest and Detention
Deepthi B

Recognition of the Rights of the Victims of Climate
Change under Public International Law: A Study
Piyali Sengupta

E-Commerce: Expectations and Shortfalls
Angshuman Hazarika

The Binding Nature of Administrative Instructions:
An Overview
Susanah Naushad

Book Review

An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions
Sandeep S Desai

Articles of Issue #2


CULJ - CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Law Journal- Issue No. 2. Vol 2, No1, January-June 2013



Violation of Human Rights in Nigeria: An Appraisal of the Activities
of the Transnational Oil Corporations in the Niger Delta Region
Ogwezzy Michael C                                                                             


Ouster Clause: Legislative Blaze and Judicial Phoenix

Sandhya Ram S A                                                                             


Victims of Involuntary Disappearance: An Overview of International Law

Shabina Arfat and Beauty Banday                                                                    


Pedophilia and Child Sexual Abuse: A Socio Legal Perspective

Gargi Whorra and Sudipto Mitra                                                                      


The Need for Horizontal Application of Fundamental Rights in India
with Reference to State Action Doctrine in the Context of Globalisation

Sanu Rani Paul                                                                                                 


Right to Sanitation: A Challenge in the Post Disaster Situations

Subhradipta Sarkar                                                                                                


UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules 2010: A Review

Badrinath Srinivasan                                                             


Demystifying the Crime of Aggression: A Case for the International
Criminal Court

Edrine Wanyama                                                                                 


Book Review

Cases and Materials on Media Law
Somu C S       


Articles of Issue #1

Rethinking Human Rights through the Language of Capabilities: An Introduction to Capabilities Approach
Latika Vashist                                 

The Concept of Trials in Absentia in International Criminal Law and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon: An Overview
Shouvik Kumar Guha                                       

Starving Millions and Right to Food
Sai Teja Vangala and Anshuman Singh                               

Right to Environment and Right to Development: A Judicial Conundrum
Uday Shankar and Saurabh Bindal                                               

Judicial Accountability: The Eternal Dilemma
Udai Singh and Apoorva Tapas                                   

Personal Laws and the Rights of Women          
P Lakshmi                                           

Right to Education under European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1950
Sheeba Pillai                              

Contentious Issues in Surrogacy: Legal and Ethical Perspectives in India
Kaumudhi Challa                                                     

Impact of Clause 49 of Listing Agreement of Securities andExchange Board of India on Corporate Governance
Kumudha Rathna                          

Book Review The History and Future of Bioethics: A Sociological View
Somu C S