Tattva - Journal of Philosophy (ISSN 0975-332X)

The word Tattva means, truth, reality, principle, true nature of an object, etc. The Sanskrit word for Philosophy would be Tattva - jnana, meaning knowledge of the ultimate principles, or Tattva - sastra, meaning the science of the ultimate reality. Philosophy is in fact the intellectual quest for ultimate truth and principles. Tat-tvam can also connote the basic nature of self as identical with the Supreme Brahman. Tattva: Journal of Philosophy (TJP) seeks to faciliate critical study and in-depth reflection and analysis of issues, problems and concerns of human life, in order to further the directions and transformations human society needs to evolve into. TJP targets undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, philosophers, social scientists, policy makers and individuals interested in and committed to human welfare.


  •     Chief Editor        - Dr. Thomas C. Mathew
  •     Executive Editor - Dr. Kurian Kachappilly
  •     Managing Editor -  Anil Joseph Pinto

Editorial Board

  •     Dr. Augustine Thottakara, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Philosophy, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram,      Bangalore
  •     Sunder Sarukkai, National Institute for Advanced Studies, Bangalore
  •     Dr. Tony Sam George, HoD, PG Dept. of Psychology, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
  •     Dr. Hemalatha, , HoD, PG Dept. of Social Work, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
  •     Dr. Babu Thaliath, Director, Research Center, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
  •     Saju Chackalackal, Faculty of Philosophy, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore


  • Advisory Board
  •     U. R. Ananthamurthy, Professor Emeritus, Thinker and Writer
  •     M. S. Thimmappa, Formar Vice Chancellor, Bangalore University
  •     John Cobb Jr., Professor Emeritus, Claremont School of Theology, CA, USA
  •     Antoon Vandevelde, Dean, Higher Institute of Philosophy, K.U. Leuven,Belgium
  •     Haruo Murata, Professor, University of Amori, Japan & Pressident of the Japan Society for Process Studies
  •     Susheela Kaushik, Woman Studies & Development Centre, University of Delhi
  •     Chae Young Kim, Chair of Religious Studies, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea.

Articles of Issue #18

Tattva- Journal of Philosophy

Tattva-Journal of Philosophy| ISSN 0975-332X

Vol. 10, No. 1, January-June 2018




Bradley’s Account of the Self as Appearance: Between Kant’s

Transcendental Idealism and Hegel’s Speculative Idealism

Damian Ilodigwe                                                                                                    1


Meaning in Life and its Vitality in the Praxis

Jobi Thomas Thurackal                                                                                        19


The Significance of Metaphysical Presuppositions in
Yoruba Punitive System

Adebayo Aina                                                                                                       33


Articles of Issue #17


Tattva – Journal of Philosophy - 17| Volume 9| Issue 1| January-June 2016


Symbolic Conscious Experience
Venkata Rayudu Posina                                                                        1

The Value of Constitutional Values:
An exploratory study of the constitutions
of Bavaria and India
Christian Alexander Bauer and Harald J Bolsinger                                    13

Grotesque Realism in O.V Vijayan’s
The Saga of Dharmapuri
Maria Rajan Thaliath                                                                                31

Security as Freedom in the Quest for the Value of
Human Life: A Conceptual Analysis
Philip Ogo Ujomu and Felix O Olatunji                                                       45

Ethical Wisdom of Asia
Thomas Menamparampil                                                                          71


Articles of Issue #16


Tattva – Journal of Philosophy - 16| July-December 2016


Catholic Schools as Means of Promoting Peace and

Justice in Nigeria

Anthony Bature                                                                                   1


A Critical Inquiry into Ecological Visions of Ancient

India Versus Modern West

Madhumita Chatterjee                                                                       19


Aesthetics in Oluwen Cleansing Performance

Segun Omosule                                                                                    31


God, Mind, Evolution, and Quantum Reality Based

on Process Metaphysics

Mark Germine                                                                                     49


Elements of Machiavenialism and Situationism in

William Golding’s Lord of the Flies

Oyenuga, Olukayode, Felix                                                                  73  


Articles of Issue #15


Articles of Issue 15 |8(1) January-July 2016

Editorial                                                                                             v

Visisht?dvaita and Wahdatul-Wuj?d: Points of

comparison and departure

Zaheer Ali Khan Sharvani and S. Abdul Sattar                                    1


J Krishnamurti’s Insight on Meditation

Merina Islam                                                                                      19


Religious Conversion of the Ethnic Minorities in

the South of Vietnam

Truong Phan Chau Tam                                                                    27


The Situation of New Religious Studies in Vietnam

Truong Van Chung and Nguyen Thoai Linh                                      45



Articles of Issue #14


Corruption, Marginality and Social Disorder as
Threats to National and Human Security in Nigeria
Ujomu, Philip Ogo                                                                                  1

The Characteristics of Culture and Religions in
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Processes of Acculturation,

Transformation and Accumulation
Truong Van Chung                                                                                27

University Education and the Challenges of Development
in African Society
Olatunji, Felix O                                                                                     53

Concern for Future Generations: Some Perspectives
Sulagna Pal                                                                                           65

Dionysius on the Problem of Evil:
Lessons One can Learn

Jijimon Alakkalam Joseph                                                                      79




Articles of Issue #13


Dimensions of Epistemology and the Case for Africa’s
Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Amaechi Udefi                                                                                     1

Beruf and Squirrel
James/Weber: Improving Our Minds
Arkady Nedel                                                                                      17

Rebutting Philosophical Scepticism: An Exploration
of Wittgenstein’s Approach in his on Certainty
Ahinpunya Mitra                                                                                   35

Tolerant Values and Practices in India: Amartya Sen’s
Positional Observation’ and Parameterization of
Ethical Rules [Nov 29, Saturday, 2014].
Santosh C Saha                                                                                   51

The Problem of Nationalism, “Nigeria” As a Contested
Category and the Quest for a Social Philosophy of
National Integration
Ujomu Philip Ogo                                                                                  85




Articles of Issue #12


Tattva-Journal of Philosophy


No 12, 6, 2, (2014), ISSN 0975-333X|doi.org/10.12726


Multiple Faces of Science in Ethical Environmental
Herman F Greene                                                                                                           

Right and Wrong in the Conduct of Science
Mukunda P Das and Frederick Green                                                                      

How the Current Paradigm Shift is Changing
Our Understanding of Ethics
Chet W Sisk                                                                                                                        
The Value of Constitutional Values: With the Examples
of the Bavarian and the Indian Constitution
Christian A Bauer and Harald J Bolsinger        



Articles of Issue #11


No 11, 6, 1, (2014), ISSN 0975-333X|doi.org/10.12726

Ethical Wisdom of Asia
Thomas Menamparampil                                                                                        

Identity and the Ethics of Tolerance
Antoon Geels                                                                                                                    

When God Fell Out of Heaven and Reemerged
as Consciousness
Ruth Golan                                                                                                                         

Compassionate Love: Bearing Transcendence
Paul Moyaert                                                                                                                    

Mind as a Way you Love Truth: A Philosophical Appraisal
of Mind by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Sebastian Varghese Moolayil   

Articles of Issue #10

Images, Reality and Truth: Some Philosophical


Santiago Sia                                                                                                     1


Religions and the Challenge for Social


Eiko Hanaoka                                                                                                   21


Moral Luck and the Question of Responsibility

Gargi Goswami                                                                                                  37


The Primacy of Language in Paul Ricoeur’s


Yohanes Slamet Purwadi                                                                                    51


Ascertaining Causes of Death: A Comparative Study

of the Ika of Delta State and the Obolo of Rivers State

Wilson E Ehianu & Finomo Julia Awajiusuk                                                          71


The Conversion to Protestantism: A Challenge in Ethnic

and Religious Life of Brahmanism Cham People in

Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Truong Van Chung                                                                                               87


The Feministic Vision for Reconstruction of

Social Equality

Jyothy Jampala                                                                                                     101


The Quest for a New Order: A Re-negotiation for

Stability in Africa

Felix Olatunji                                                                                                           115


Knowing the Body: Seeing it through “Their” Eyes

Sulagna Pal                                                                                                             131

Articles of Issue #9


The Ethics and Spirituality Initiative in Connection with the United Nations Sustainable Development Process
Herman F Greene     

Amartya Sen and His Morals of Economics: A Reading in Existential Ethics
Anamika Girdhar     

“Bounds of Ethics”: From the Standpoint of Absolute Nothingness
Eiko Hanaoka     

Gender Distinctions and Gender Neutrality: Towards a Gender Egalitarian Ethics
Merina Islam     

Humans as Social Being and Part of Nature
Regine Kather     

The Experience of Difference: Re-thinking the EDSA Revolution as an Exemplar of Ascending Life
Raniel Sta. Maria Reyes     

The Analysis of the International Climate Change on Environmental Justice
Wu Xueqin  and Chengping                                                                                

Moral Issues in Environmental Crisis: A Feminists Approach
Laimayum Bishwanath Sharma                                                                          

Emergence! (The Ontological Conjecture), Dedicated to Henry Siggins Leonard
Ronald Preston Phipps    




Articles of Issue #8



Sobering Up To the Other: Levinas Paradoxical View on Mystical Enthusiasm

Roger Burggraeve


Negative Memory, Art and the World Peace

Ignatius Bambang Sugiharto


The Modalities to Develop an Educational System of Discovery, Innovation and Creativity

Ronald Preston Phipps


A new Sense of Responsibility?  A Levinasian Ecology of Religious Sentiment

Colby Dickinson


Parallel Lives of Spiritual Leaders

Gabrielle M Wood


‘Psychic Screams’: Reflections on a Howard Thurman Sermon

Ivory L Lyons


Aristotl’s Metaphysics as Mysticism

John A J Dudley


Mysticism in the Fractal Structure of the Universe

Bonoy Pichalakattu 

Articles of Issue #7

Process  Ecozoics: Philosophy and Theology in the Ecozoic Age

Herman F Greene


The Problem of the Ultimate in the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead Jan Va der Veken


We are in the World and the World is in us

Maria Teresa Teixeira


The Problem of Nationalism: The Moral Dimension

C Bharath Kumar


Economic Life and Human Transcendence a Paradigm for Everyday Spirituality

Antoon Vandevelde, Roy Varghese Palatty


Education for Environmental Management

Tsukasa Fujinuma


On Particularism and Peculiarities Within

Shweta Singh



Articles of Issue #6

Tattva , Vol. 3, No. 2, July – December 2011

1) One and Many: A Test –Case for Whitehead’s Metaphysics for South Asian Philosophy – Robert Cummings Neville
2) The Problem of Ethics and God – Through the Philosophy A. N. Whitehead and K. Nishida - Eiko Hanaoka
3) Causal Processes: Steps Towards a Systematic and Formal Interpretation of Whitehead’s Ontology – Ludwig Jaskolla
4) Concept of Religion in Whitehead and Basaveshwara: A Comparison – M. A. Jalihal
5) Aristotelian Efficiency and Its Determinate Possibilities for Process Ontology – Megan Altman
6) Imagination and Process in Ancient Greek Philosophy – Daniel Regnier
7) Whitehead and Religion: A Study of the Phrase ‘This Universe is the Body of God’ in Tenrikyo Scriptures – Midori Horiuchi



Articles of Issue #5

Tattva – Vol 1. No. 3 – January - June 2011

1) Mysticism Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Intersection of the Timelessness with Time – Bernard McGinn

2) The Mystical Strategies of St. Teresa of Avila – Peter Tyler

3) The Sacred in Creation and the God-intoxicated Celt? – Una Agnew

4) Contemporary Sciences offer Insights for a ‘Cosmo-Theandric’ Mysticism – Thomas Manikkam

5) Between Mysticism and Medical Materialism: Relevance of William James and John Dewey for the Question of Neurotheology – Jonathan Weidenbaum

6) Mystics are Beyond Religions – Swami Paramananda

7) Mysticism without Bounds: Jacob Boehme, William Blake and Jung’s Psychology – Patrick Menneteau



Articles of Issue #4

Tattva – Vol 2. No. 2 – July to December 2010

1.Elloit is Brahman: The Power of Children as Symbols – C. Robert Mesle

2.The Myth of Pluralism: An Exploration into the Metaphysical Vision of Panikkar and Whitehead – Anto Cherinthuruthy

3.Gandhi and Whitehead on Conflict – Solving – Helmut Maassen

4.Vision of Organic Whole: Process Thought and Sidda Cult – John Peter Vallabadoss

5.God Beyond the Garden of Nama – Rupa: An Indian Rosetta Stone for Reframing Western Metaphysis – Barbara A. Amodio

6.Whitehead and Aurobindo on the Question of Evil – Thomas Padiyath

7.Whitehead and Intercultural Philosophy – Maja Milcinski

Articles of Issue #3


Issue 3, January - June 2010

1. The One Mind Model of Quantum Reality: Whitehead, God, Theories of Mind, Evolution and Cosmology - Mark Germine

2. The Minkowskian Background of Whiteheads Theory of Gravitation - Ronald Desmet

3. Whiteheads Brain Science of Emotions - Thandeka Thandeka

4. Whitehead and Particle-Wave Duality: Critical Study from the Perspective of System Philosophy: Luke George

5. An Inquiry into Time: Meera Chakravorty

6. Whitehead and Grof: Resolving the Ontological Ambiguity of Jungs Archetypes Metaphysically and Practically - Leonard Gibson

Articles of Issue#2


Issue #2, January - June 2009
1. Process, Religion and Society - John B. Cobb, Jr.
2. God-World Polarity: A Paradigm for Reconciliation - Augustine Thottakara, CMI
3. God Beyond Orthodoxy: Process Theology for the 21st Century - Philip Clayton
4. Whitehead, Cosmology and Civilization - Herman F. Greene
5. The Second Handshake: Constructive Postmodernism in China Today - Zhige Wang
6. Whitehead and Higher Education: Transformation through Process - Thomas Chathamparampil
7. Subjectivity and Truth - Jason W. Brown

Articles of Issue #1

Process, Religion and Society

John B Cobb, Jr                                                                                                       1


God: World Polarity: A Paradigm for Reconciliation

Augustine Thottakara, CMI                                                                                        11


God Beyond Orthodoxy: Process Theology for the 21st Century

Philip Clayton                                                                                                          27


Whitehead, Cosmology and Civilization

Herman F Greene                                                                                                     39


The Second Handshake: Constructive Postmodernism
in China Today

Zhihe Wang                                                                                                               58


Whitehead and Higher Education: Transformation
through Process

Thomas Chathamparampil                                                                                           75


Subjectivity and Truth
Jason W Brown                                                                                                          84


The Quest for a New Order: A Re-negotiation for

Stability in Africa

Felix Olatunji                                                                                                              115