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A symbol reflective of a unique combination of man’s awakening, of his quest for fulfillment and wisdom. USHUS - Journal of Business Management (UJBM) seeks to facilitate an in-depth reflection and analysis of issues, problems and concerns in the disciplines under Business Management, in order to assist and further the directions and transformations human society needs to evolve into. UJBM targets higher educational institutions, research centres, organizations, policy makers and any individual interested in and committed to human welfare.

    Chief Editor         - Dr. Thomas C Mathew
    Executive Editor - Leena James
    Managing Editor - Anil Joseph Pinto


   Editorial Board

  •     Biju Varkey, IIM, Ahmedabad
  •     Mathew Manimala, IIM, Bangalore
  •     Harish Bijoor, Harish Bijoor Consults
  •     Ravichandran V, V P, Bank Muscat International
  •     M J Xavier, IFMR, Chennai
  •     Suchint Majmudar, Finch Software, Bangalore

  Advisory Board

  •     J Subramaniam,  Dean, Commerce and Management, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore
  •     C K T Chandrashekar, CUIM, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore
  •     Jain Mathew, Dept of Management Studies, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore
  •     Thomas Joseph, Dept of Commerce, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore
  •     Pritha Das Gupta, Dept of Sociology, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore


Article of Issue#37


Articles from the issue 37|15 (4) October-December 2016

Assessment of PLS-SEM Path Model for Coefficient of

Determination and Predictive Relevance of Consumer

 Trust on Organic Cosmetics

Suhan  and Anantha Padmanabha Achar                                                                        1


Buyer Behaviour towards Fast Food with Special Reference

to Chicking Restaurants

K P Najeemudeen and N Panchanatham                                                                     21


Cadbury India – Sweet Turning Sour

Semila and Pooja                                                                                                             37


Patanjali: The Story of a Yoga Brand

Ishani Chakraborty                                                                                                          55


Article of Issue#35


Articles from the issue 35|15 (2) April-June 2016

An Empirical Study on Effectiveness of Training Programs

among Women Employees in Public and Private Sector Banks

Maninder Kaur                                                                                                                    1


A Study of ISA Engagement at an Autonomous Management
Education and Research Institute, Madhya Pradesh

Divya Sharma                                                                                                                  23


Union Management Relations in APSRTC
(Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation)

AR Vijaya Chandran                                                                                                      33


HR Challenges in Big Data

Pala SuriyaKala and Ravi Aditya                                                                                49


Employee Compensation and Benefits: Case Study on
Presidency College, Bangalore

Badri HS                                                                                                                           57


Article of Issue#34

Ushus Journal of Business Management
34 | 15( 1 ) January – March 2016


Are We Nodding for the Noodles?
An Empirical Evidence among the Bengaluru Youth
Rishikesh KB and Tomy K Kallarakal                                1

Marketing of Organic Food Products at Madurai City
P Shandini and N Ramani                                                25

Futuristic Perspective Analysis of Online Buyers for
Sustainability of E-Commerce
V Arulmurugan  and S A Viknesh Kumar                           47

Changing Access Patterns of Tech Savvy Citizens
Angel Christy Praveena and S Santhosh Kumari                 61


Article of Issue#33

An Analytical Approach to Understand Customer Relationship
Management in Indian Banking Sector from the Perspective of

Sanjeev Bansal   and Garima Malik                                                                               1


Exploring the Relational Impact of Service Quality on
Customer Satisfaction
Manish Kumar Yadav and Alok Kumar Rai                                                                    17


Impact of Management Education on Skill Development:
A Study of Alumni of   Management Institutes in Kerala state

V Raman Nair   and George K Mathew                                                                           33


Private Label Motivators and Product Category Association:
An Empirical Study

Ritu Srivastava                                                                                                             47


Grameen Phone Faces Problem in Rural Economy 
A Case Study

Muhammad Rehan Masoom                                                                                          61


Best Practices in Research and Proposal Development-
Zinnov’s Way

Kshitiz Sharma, Shail Nayankumar Vaishnav
and Moutushi Ganguli Sharma                                                                                     81

Article of Issue#32

Ushus-Journal of Business Management


No 32, 14, 3 (2015), ISSN 0975-329X|


Private Label Motivators and Product

Category Association: An Empirical Study

Ritu Srivastava                                                                                                                    


Expanding Growth Pole and Thriving SEZ in the

Bengal Gems and Jewellery Industry

Sri SukantaSaha                                                                                                                 


Perception of the Indian Working Women Considering

Equity as an Investment Avenue: An Empirical Study

P Hemavathy  and S Gurusamy                                                                                 


Equity Risk Premium: A Cross Country Analysis on

Return Behaviour

Santhosh Kumar  

Article of Issue#31

Research Articles


Human Capital and Economic Growth in India:

A Co-integration and Causality Analysis                                                                         

Preeti Sharma    and Priyanka  Sahni                                                                              1


Organisational Ethics and HR Decision-Making:
Impact of ‘Best Practices’ of Ethics Education and Training

Rajashree S Kini                                                                                                              19


Leadership Styles in India- An empirical Study of
Indian Entrepreneurs/Leaders

Shruti D Nai                                                                                                                   37


Holistic Knowledge Management:
Towards Eliminating Ethical Dilemmas of Knowledge
Ownership and Sharing

Vikas N Prabhu and Saju Chackalackal                                                                               53


Does Tenure and Age Influence Work Environment

Perception of Faculty in Business Schools?

Asha Sara Mammen   and Harold Andrew Patrick                                                                 67


Article of Issue#30

Ushus-Journal of Business Management


No 30, 14, 1 (2015), ISSN 0975-329X|


Influence of Organisation Culture on

Decision Making in Select Public Sector Enterprises

Madhumita Chatterji   and M H Sharieff                                                                   


Does Corporate Governance Influence

Enterprise Risk in India: An Analytical Study

Sajit Jacob                                                                                                                           


Enablers that Aid in Retention of

Millennial Workforce

J Anitha and M Aruna                                                                                                 


Effectiveness of In –app Advertising on

Gen Y’s Attitude and Purchase Intentions

Jay P Trivedi                                                                                                                        


An Analysis of the Day-of-the-Week Effect in the

Indian Stock Market: Evidence from Bombay

Stock Exchange

Nagesh Malavalli and S Sathyanarayana       

Article of Issue#29


Integrated Supply Chain Management of Vegetables in Jhansi
Division of Uttar Pradesh
Ram Kumar Jha and Anshul Kumar Jain                                                            


Influence of Product Involvement, Post Purchase Service
and Consumer Personality on Dimensions of Brand Resonance
for Yamaha Motor Bikes

T Frank Sunil Justus and M Sadiq Ali                                                                    


Dimensions of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

and Their Impact in Creating Brand Equity in the

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Industry in Coimbatore City

J Joshua Selvakumar                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Association between Brand Architecture and Brand Concept

-An Exploration Based on Primary Survey

R Harish                                                                                                                           


A Conceptual Frame Work of Supply Chain Integration for

Competitive Advantage
Venkat Ramesh , Y Vijaya Kumar  and Sindhu                                              


"When One Business Crumbled, How He Built Up Another:
A Case Study"

Vinod M Lakhwani and Swati Tiwari                                                    



Article of Issue#28

No 28, 13, 3, (2014), ISSN 0975-3311|

Corporate Governance and the Legal Environment:
Some Theoretical Insights and Related UAE Evidence
Yousuf Khan  and Kenneth E D’Silva                                                                    


Foreign direct investments and International Financial
Reporting Standards Adoption in Africa
Francis Kehinde Emeni                                                                                               


Volatility Patterns in Indian Stock Market before and After
Introduction of Securities Lending and Borrowing Scheme
Swarna Lakshmi P                                                                                                       


Appraisal of Investment Avenues: An Empirical Study of
Selected Investors in Bardez Taluka
Roshan Naik                                                                                                                  


Global Integration and Rupee Depreciation:

Are Times Good Forward?

Pushpa B and Deepak R                                                                                            


Are Accounting Numbers Deceptive?

Latha Ramesh                                               

Article of Issue#27

Ushus-Journal of Business Management

No 27, 13, 2, (2014), ISSN 0975-3311|

Personality and Leadership as Antecedents of Organizational
Citizenship Behaviour : A Study of Mining Company in Goa
Sonam J Gondlekar                                                                                                         


Determinants of Organization Citizenship Behaviour:
A Study on Professional College Teachers in Delhi/NCR
Aditi Midha, Sanjeela Mathur and M R Jain                                                   


Exploring Role Efficacy as correlate to Organizational
Citizenship Behaviour among Female Nurses in a Maternal
and Childcare Facility
Naga Siddharth  and Rupal Agarwal                                                                


A Study of Foreign Exchange Exposure in the
Indian IT Sector
Mihir Dash and Manoj Yadav      

Article of Issue#26

Ushus - Journal of Business Management


Issue 26, Vol 13, No 1 (2014), January to March 2014

 ISSN 0975-3311|doi: 10.12725



The Role of Crisis Management for the Sustainability in the

Global Scenario – A Case Study

C  Kusuma Reddy                                                                                          1


Best Management Practices in the Food Processing Industry
Uma C Swadimath,  M G Basava Raja and   Prasanna B Joshi                                                13


Relevance of Working Capital in Insurance Industry

Anurag Mishra                                                                                           35


Labour welfare and social security

K B Ravindra                                                                                            51


Article of Issue#25


Mapana- Journal of Science

No  25, Ushus JBMgt 12, 4 (2013),ISSN 0975-3311 doi: 10.12725


Measuring ‘Brand Love’:Understanding the Attitude of Millennials towards Select Brands

Garima Malik  and Abhinav Guptha


Family Decision-Making in the Indian Hinterland: Lessons for the Marketers

Sadaf Siraj      



Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry in Rural Market of India: A Case of Mutual Reinvigoration

Brajesh Kumar  and Mintu Gogoi     


The Role of Front Line Service Employee in Select Service Industries in India

Ritu Srivastava           


Sports Sponsorship Development Company: Image and Creating Competitive Advantage

Mokhalles M Mehdi    


A Study on Identification of Consumer Groups Buying  at Apparel Retail Store: A Cluster Analysis

Manikandan M K M   


Unwrapping the Cosmetic Package: A Discriminant Analysis  Approach

Suraj Kushe Shekha , Raveendran P T  and Rehin K R    ’s Strategy on’s Entry into India:  A Case Study

Padmanabh B

Article of Issue#24

Ushus- Journal of Business Management

No  24, Ushus JBMgt 12, 3 (2013),ISSN 0975-3311?doi: 10.12725


Market Movement, Earning Capacity and Asset Fluctuation in Taiwanese Stock Exchange

Teng Yuan Cheng      


Adaptive Bands Z-Test-Statistics in Futures Markets: A New Technical Analysis Indicator

Mohd Rizal Palil        


Impact of Risk Diversification in Industrial Investment by Applying Topsis Method

C Vilvijayan   


Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Market Indices Value: A Cross-Country Indices Study

Rohini Mariappan, Nikita Hari  and Amalendu Jyotishi        


Multinational Diversification and Pharmaceutical Units Performance: Evidence from Indian Firms

Perumal Sridharan    

Article of Issue#23

Ushus- Journal of Business Management

No  23, Ushus JBMgt 12, 2 (2013),ISSN 0975-3311?doi: 10.12725



Entrepreneurship: Innovation through Root Cause  Analysis for Process Problem Solving- A Case Study

K R Chari                   


Customer Retention in Mobile Telecom Service Market in India:  Opportunities and Challenges

Premkumar G and J Rajan      


Congruence between Strategic Appraisal and Rating Procedure - A Case Study

S Usha Priyadarshini   


Sajjata Sangh: Weather-Based Crop  Insurance Scheme- A Case Study

Nalini Bikkina 37      


Article of Issue#22

Ushus – Journal of Business Management

Issue 22, Vol 12, No. 1 January – March  2013


Editorial                                                                                                                           v


Understanding Accounting in Christian Organisations
and the Influence of Culture on Accounting Practices:
A Literature Review
Bincy B Kaluvilla                                                                                                                   1


Abnormal Returns and Quarterly Earnings
Announcements : A Study on BSE 500 Group
of Companies                                                                                                           
Kaushik Banerjee                                                                                                                   17


Efficacy of Yoga in Managing Stress among
Middle Level Managers of Textile Industry
P Paramanandam                                                                                                                     45


Modeling the Symmetric and Asymmetric Volatility
for Select Stock Futures in India: Evidence from
GARCH Family Models
K Srinivasan                                                                                                                       61


Article of Issue#21

Ushus – Journal of Business Management

Issue 21, Vol 11, No. 2 July – December 2012


Editorial                                                                                                                           v


Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance in an
Emerging Economy: An Empirical Investigation
of a Nigerian Bank
Michael Chidiebere Ekwe                                                                                                             1


An Exploration of Stree Shakti Programme in Karnataka
through Self-Help Groups: With Special Reference
to Chitradurga District
Kavitha S and P Laxmana                                                                                                             21


Role of Micro Finance in Financial Inclusion
S Muralidhar  and K Sharada                                                                                                         41


Is All India Radio FM Station Sulking? A Case Study
Shubha B N                                                                                                                          57


Article of Issue#20

Organizational Change and Its Effect on Employee Efficiency in Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited
V  Tulasi Das   
Impact of Bank Programmes on Socio-Economic Development of Beneficiaries: A Study of Hunsur Taluk in Mysore District
Ramakrishna   and K V Aiahanna         
Can Technology be a Solution to Operational Impediments? The story of EZ School at NVJR College of Engineering: A case Study
Bharat Chaganti             
Information Systems in Bangalore Traffic: A Case Study
Lakshmi Shankar Iyer    

Article of Issue#19

Ushus JBMgt, Vol 10, No. 2, July to December 2011

Front Office Employee Personality and Customer Loyalty in Selected Five-Star Hotels

G R P Silva


A Study on Financing of SME’s in Bangalore

Anirban Ghatak

The Role of Spousal Support, Superior Support and Co-worker and Support in Determining Work Family Conflict of Employed Women in Information Technology Sector

B Aiswarya  G Ramasundaram


Changing Ways of Shopping: The New World of Direct Marketing


Article of Issue#18


Ushus Vol . 10, No. 1, January to June 2011

Issue #18


1. Determinants of the Exit Decision of Foreign Banks in India – Onkar Shivaraj Swamy, N. Arun Vishnukumar and Palash Baruah

2. Impact of A. L. M. on Indian Banks – V. Mary Jessica and N. Sireesha

3. The A’s and R’s of Academic  Excellence: A Derived Perspective – George A. P.

4. Decision Tree Approach for Capital Expenditure Decision – A Tool for Effective Strategic Human Resource Management – Pushpa Bhatt and Lakshmi T.

5. The Effect of Stock Split on Price and Liquidity in Indian Stock Market – Dhanya Alex, Pavithran K. B. and Eapen Rohit Paul.

6. Leveraging Through Acquisitions – A Study on Indian IT Companies – P. Baba Gnanakumar

7. Empirical Study on Venture Study and Private Equity Investment Patterns: US and India – Dheeraj Pandey

Article of Issue#17

Ushus – Vol 9. No. 2 – July - December 2010

1) The Impact of Power Bases and Leadership Strategies Adopted by Managers on Information Technology Employees – Harold Andrew Patrick

2) Take Care of the 3 ‘P’s That Will Take Care of Your Business – J. J. Soundararaj

3) Indian MNCs in the Tempest of Global Businesses – Arup Barman, Ranjit Singh and Juthika Konwar

4) New Generation Banks’ Promotion Strategies For Banking Services – Joseph Sebastian Thekedam

5) Strategic Innovation in the Financial Services Industry in India: Trends and Challenges – Ashraf Imam

6) Balance Score Card – Financial Perspective Study of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited – Leena James

Article of Issue#16

Ushus – Vol 9. No. 1 January – June 2010

1.A Study on Job Motivation of Employees in Thanjavur Spinning Mill Ltd., Thanjavur - Sangeetha Senthil

2.Managing Employee Absenteeism – Joseph Sebastian Thekedam

3.Think Beyond 4 Ps – Supriya Jha

4.Brand Preference of Two Wheelers: Problems and Satisfaction Level of Consumers – K Kannaswamy

5.Cultural Influences on Corporate Social Responsibility – Jain Mathew and Jyothi Kumar

6.Strategies of Entrepreneurship and Innovation – A Case Study – Jyothirmoy Ghosh and G. Anjaneya Swamy

7.Predicting Share Value of Private Sector Banks using Equity Valuation Models – Kasilingam R. and Ramasundaram G.

Article of Issue#15


Issue #15 - July to December 2009

1. Assorted Facets of Ethics for Successful Business - Anitha H. S. & Kavitha S.

2. A Study of Political Styles of Managers in Public and Private Organisations - Harold Andrew Patrick

3. Commodity Fixtures - An Indian Experience - G. Prahlad Chowdri & C. S. Basavaraj

4. Competencies of Commerce Teacher Trainees - Simon Philip & N. O. Nellaiyapen

5. Leadership Behaviour of the Heads of Higher Secondary Schools in Kerala - Fr. Thomas P. J. & G. Visvanathan

6. Leadership Orientation in Indian Small Business - John Brinkman, Tomy K. Kallarakal & Jain Mathew

7. Talcum Powder: Problems and Satisfaction of Customers - D. Muthamizh Vendan Murugavel

Article of Issue#14


Issue #14, January - June 2009

1. Are you in balance!! - Supriya Jha

2. Association between Nature of Industry and Employee’s Perception of Quality of Work Life - S. Varadaraj & V. Parthiban

3. Organic / Inorganic Brand Growth: The Two Faces of Expansion (Case study of Indian Multinational -Videocon Group) - Ravi Bhasin

4. Recent Developments in Housing and Housing Finance - R. Eswaran, R. Rajeshkumar & M. Anandhi

5. Environmental Accounting Linkage to Sustainable - Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility - Leena James & Umaselvi

6. Contrarian and Momentum Strategies in the Indian Stock Market - Anirban Ghatak

Article of Issue#13

Issue #13, July - December 2008

1. Comparative Analysis of Dimensions of Teacher Commitment - V. Parthiban

2. Fairness Cream: A Study on Brand Preference of Consumers in Gobichettipalayam Town - N. Sakthivel

3. Measurement of the Users Satisfaction of the ERP Package in Textile Industry - Ankur Bhosle & Saurabhi Chaturvedi

4. A Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards Cell Phone with Special Reference to Nokia at Namakkal District - R. Eswaran

5. A Study on the Impact of Monetary Policy on Bank Deposits - Anirban Ghatak

Article of Issue#12

Issue #12, January - June 2008

1. Entrepreneurial Intentions of Business Students : A Benchmarking Study - Sheenu Jain

2. Select Your Style for Best Results -  D. Fennala Agnes Iylin

3. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in India

4. Leena James, Adrinil Santra & Uma Shelvi

5. Tweeners – The Nexgen Shoppers - Neena Prasad

6. A Study on Reader’s Preference of the Hindu and the New Indian Express Newspapers - K. Rajini

Article of Issue#11


Issue #11, July - December 2007

1. Information Technology and Banking Sector with reference to Customer Satisfaction - K.J. Raman and A. Marcus

2. Administration of Micro-credit by National Bank - K. Prabakkar Rajkumar

3. The Role of Marketing Research for Entrepreneurship - Jyotirmoy Ghosh and G. Anjaneyaswamy

4. Business Ethics in Practice - L. Solomon Raj and J.J. Soundararaj

5. Methodological Issues in Management Research - Sambit Kumar Mishra

6. Importance of Organisational Climate in Contemporary Management - Jain Mathew and Uma Selvi

7. Managing Work Life Balance - Role of HR Department in IT Sector - R. Venkataraman

8. Courier Services in India: Concerns for Effective Service Delivery - Sandhya Anvekar

9. A Study on Brand Consciousness among Children and its Effect on Family Buying Behaviour in Bangalore City - Nithila Vincent

Article of Issue#10

Issue #10, January-June 2007


1. Employment Strategies in Indian IT Industry - R.L. Nandeshwar & Minu Zachariah

2. A Study on the Role of Advertisements in Instigating Pester Power in Children - Kamala TN

3. Significance of EQ in Stress Reduction & Coping - Uma Warrier & Aisha M. Sheriff

4. Managing the Supply Chain for Global Success a Case - Study of Indian Auto Component Industry - Lakshmi Jagannathan & Fatima Jacob

5. SMEs (Something More for Every one) - Geetha Rajaram & Sreeveena

6. Credit Accessibility to Vulnerable Sections - Veerashekharappa


Article of Issue#9


Issue #8 & 9, July-December 2006


1. Mentoring among Faculty - R. Ramakrishnan & M.G. Saravanaraj

2. Ethics in Teaching: An Integral Part in Higher Education - Anjali Dsouza & Elena Philip

3. Personal Competency - Reshma Karan & D. Srikala

4. The Strategic Processes of Self-Disclosure, Feedback and Perceptiveness in CCIM’s Effective Mentoring Program - Harold Andrew Patrick

5. Mentoring as a Part of the Regular Curriculum in B-Schools - Anju Das

6. Teaching and Mentoring Challenges in Higher Education - Hemalatha Seeram & Venkatesh Raja P.

7. Analysis of Training Needs - Rashmi Rai

8. Competency Mapping – Catch Word in Corporates - A. Vinayagamoorthy, S. Suja & Shankari Lakshmi Ratan

9. Retention Strategies - V.R. Uma

10. Leadership and Change Management in Developing a World Class Education System – A Case Study of Christ College (Autonomous) Bangalore - Jain Mathew, Tomy K. Kallarakal, Uma Selvi & K.A. Mathew

Article of Issue#7

Issue #7, January-June 2006


1. Customer Experience Management - The Mantra for Success - J.K. Raju & Deepali Walavalkar

2. Assessment of Quality Service in Public Sector Banks - An Empirical Analysis (An Application of Linear Model) - A. Abdul Raheem

3. Social Work Practices in Human Resource Management - Madhukar N. Kulkarni

4. Work Ethics and Value System - A Fact Finding Study of Corporate Practices - Leena James & Uma Selvi

5. Participative Management and Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Work Organizations - C. Somashekher


Article of Issue#6

Issue #6, July-December 2005


1. Health Care System in Goa: Analysis of Role in Sustainable Development - Anna Rovina Ferrao E Fernandes

2. A Study of Quality of Work Life of Nationalized and Non Nationalized Bank Employees - Triveni S & Vijayalaxmi A. Amminabhavi

3. The Role of Non-governmental Organizations in Minimizing School Dropouts - S. Peter, K.J. Raman & P. Raviloachnan

4. Descriptive Model of Community Participation: Delivering Urban Services - A. Abdulraheem & A. Raman

5. Dynamics of Rupee Convertibility - V.K. Xavier

6. Employee Attitude Surveys: A Powerful Tool for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness - Rashmi Nakra

7. Diaspora to Transnational Networks: The Case of Chinese Diaspora in the Mainland China - P.A. Mathew

Article of Issue#4

Issue #4, January-June 2004


1. Business Turnaround: Looking from a Diagnostic View - Sunita Paniker

2. An Insight into the Value Added Tax System Detailing its Origins, Impact, Provisions and Regulations with Reference to India - Tomy Kallarackal

3. Marketing Strategies for Health Care Sector - Emerging Scenario - M. Muniraju & T.K. Srinath

4. Factors Determining the Marketing Managerial Efficiency (with Reference to The Edible Oil Entrepreneurs in Karnataka) - K. Manjunatha

5. KSFC - Real Promoter of Service Entrepreneurship - A.S. Laxmisha

6. Waste Management Technology - L. Rathakrishnan

7. Role of Technology in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation - Suchint Majmudar

8. Transfer Pricing - Jalpa Majumdar

9. Changing Profile of Rural Marketing Emerging Dimensions of Rural Consumers Behaviour - C. Rajendra Kumar & Sanjay S. Kaptan

10. Strategic Issues in Time Dimension of Marketing Tools in Business to Business Markets - R.K. Gopal & T.V. Raju

Article of Issue#3

Issue #3, July-December 2003


1. Market Orientation: The Concept and its Development - Nandakumar Mekoth

2. Management of ‘Stress at Job’ Among Industrial Workers - A.P. Sebastian Titus & V. Bastin Jerome

3. Women in Management: A Developing Presence - Prita Dasgupta & Suniti Phadke

4. Work Culture in Indian Organizations - A Journey Towards Organizations of Today’s Knowledge Based Industries - Deep Kapoor

5. Venture Capital - Success Factor for Business Ideas - Subhash K.B

6. Team Building - a Tool for Management - Sunaina Sridharan, Romate John & Sudha Bhogle

7. Change Management - J. Subramanian

8. Measurement of Consumer Satisfaction (With special reference to the Edible Oil Consumption) - K. Manjunatha

9. KSFC and North Karnataka - H.S. Anitha & A.S. Laxmisha

10. Understanding the Law of the Cyber Space - V.C. Vivekanandan

Article of Issue#2

Issue #2, January-June 2003


1. Understanding Financial Crisis: A Theoretical Analysis - P.K. Sudarsan

2. Know your Banknotes - S.K. Nag

3. Globalization and the Post-Modern Turn - James David

4. Women Entrepreneurship Development in Small Scale Sector in the Context of Globalization - D. Himachalam & M. Shankara

5. Market Orientation and Higher Education: Options in a Changing World - N. Barnabas

6. Women and Biotechnology - Seema Prakash & Latha Sivaram

7. Performance Evaluation of College Teachers in the Present Scenario - P.S.P. Swamy

8. Performance Evaluation of Organizations - T. Srivenkataramana & N. Narayana Raj

9. Mutual Funds – Heading Towards….. - M. Muniraju & K. R. Ramachandra

10. Need of Revival of Lacquered Bangle Industry in Hyderabad - T.D. Babu

Article of Issue#1

Ushus-Journal of Business Management


No 32, 14, 3 (2015), ISSN 0975-329X|


Private Label Motivators and Product

Category Association: An Empirical Study

Ritu Srivastava                                                                                                                    


Expanding Growth Pole and Thriving SEZ in the

Bengal Gems and Jewellery Industry

Sri SukantaSaha                                                                                                                 


Perception of the Indian Working Women Considering

Equity as an Investment Avenue: An Empirical Study

P Hemavathy  and S Gurusamy                                                                                 


Equity Risk Premium: A Cross Country Analysis on

Return Behaviour

Santhosh Kumar