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Mapana, Journal of Sciences (MJS), is an instrument to generate greater interest, deeper insight and quest in the minds of the students, teachers and researchers in the field of science. It provides space for an in-depth analysis of issues, comments and concerns on scientific problems and events, research papers and articles of primary and secondary nature which would enable us to have a share in creating a more harmonious world. Our journal aims at extending its arms to the scientific and research community present the world over and stands as a platform to share their discoveries and views with the rest.

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S K Ayyasamy, Sastra University,  Thanjavur

Annapurni Subramaniam, Indian Institute of Astrophysics

G Suresh Singh, University of Kerala


Articles of Issue #39>>

Mapana-Journal of Science | No-40 | Volume -16, Issue 1 | January-March 2017 |

Optical Properties of Silver-Vanadium-
Phosphate Glasses

B Eraiah                                                                                               1


Experimental Studies on Current, Susceptance,
Impedance and Electrical Modulus of Polypyrrole/
Molybdenum Trioxide Composites

Chaluvaraju B V , Raghavendra U P 
and Murugendrappa M V


UV Emission Line Studies of NGC-low Redshift
Seyfert Galaxies, LINERS and HII Regions

Vedavathi P  and Vijayakumar H Doddamani                                     25


Analysis of Electrical Measurements on Cadmium
Chloride Doped PVA-PVP Blend

Basavarajeshwari M Baraker and Blaise Lobo                                      45


Evaluation of Scipy.ode Integrators in Solving the
Lane-Emden Equation for Polytropes as a Boundary
Value Problem with a Fitting Method

M N Anandaram                                                                                 67


Articles of Issue #38>>

Mapana-Journal of Science | No-38 | Volume -15, Issue 3 | July-September 2016 |

Further Characterizations and Helly-property

 in k-trees

H P Patil                                                                                              1


Vertex Triangle Free Detour Number of a Graph               

S Sethu Ramalingam, I K Asir and S Athisayanathan                          9


The k-Local Colouring of Jahangir Graphs and Some

Characteristics of the  k-Locally Rainbow Graphs              

Esther Daniel and P Srinivsan                                                                         25


Some Results on Rosa-type Labelings of Graphs    

R Rajarajachozhan                                                                               35


Connected Weak Edge Detour Number of a Graph                       

J M Prabakar and S Athisayanathan                                                    43


Articles of Issue #37>>

Studies on Ruthenium and Rhodium Complexes

Containing 1,2- bis(N-Methylbenzimidazolyl)

Benzene and Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation

Hunasekatte G Bheemanna , Virupaiah Gayathri  

and Nadur M Nanje Gowda                                                                               1


Synthesis and Characterization of Palladium(II)

Complexes with Substituted

Dihydrobenzoimidazoquinazoline Derivatives.

Rita Bhattacharjee and Virupaiah Gayathri                                                   17


Kinetic Study on Oxidation of Thiodipropionic
Acid by Iron (III)-bipyridineComplex

A SelvaPriya , K John Adaikalasamy  and K R Sunaja Devi                       33


Miscibility of Starch and Low Molecular

Weight Poly(ethyleneglycol) Blends in

 Aqueous Medium

Sumana V S and Sudhakar Y N                                                                        45


Articles of Issue #36>>

Mapana-Journal of Science | No-36 | Volume -15, 1 | Jan-March 2016 |
ISSN 0975-3303 | doi:10.12723

Research Articles

Study of Role of Silver Nanoparticles on Spectroscopic
Properties of a KetocyanineDye
J Thipperudrappa, U P Raghavendra, H  R Deepa and     
M Basanagouda                                                                                                1


Optical Properties of Erbium doped Molybdenum
Tellurite Glasses
B Eraiah                                                                                                         17


Study of Electron Transfer between Amines and
Biologically Active 4 –Aryloxymethylcoumarin
U P  Raghavendra , M Basanagouda, J Thipperudrappa                                       29


 Analysis of Short and Long Wave Radiation over Bengaluru
KamsaliNagaraja , M Akshay , M B Sunil Kumar,
S B Gudennavar and D Jagadheesha                                                                  47


Articles of Issue #35>>

Articles from the issue 35|14 (4) October-December 2015

The Effect of Heavy Metals on In Vitro Adventitious
Shoot Production and Bacoside A Content in
Bacopa Monnieri (L).

Poornananda Madhava Naik , Manoj Godbole ,
Praveen Nagella  and Hosakatte Niranjana Murthy


Status of Insect Pests and Natural Enemies of Direct Seeded

and Transplanted Rice

K N Ashrith , A G Sreenivas , G S Guruprasad ,

S G Hanchinal   and D Krishnamurthy                                                                         11


Promoting the Recovery of a True Mangrove -
Avicennia Marina in Ecogeographic Area of
Puthuvypeen, Kochi, Kerala
Sreekanth P M                                                                                                                    31


Medicines to Prevent the Effects of Age

Jose George                                                                                                                          39


Fundamentals of Environmental Studies –
A  Book Review

Suma Sarojini                                                                                                                     53


Articles of Issue #34>>

Mapana-Journal of Science | No-34 | Volume -14, Issue 3 | July-September 2015 |


Effect of Non-Uniform Temperature Gradient on
Rayleigh–Bénard – Marangoni – Magnetoconvection
in a Micropolar Fluid with Maxwell – Cattaneo Law
R V Kiran and Kalyani Attluri                                                                      1


Effects of Suction–Injection–Combination (SIC)
 on the onset of Rayleigh–Bénard Electroconvection
in a Micropolar Fluid

S Pranesh, Sameena Tarannum and Riya Baby                                                23


The Study of Navier Slip Condition on the Flow and

 Heat Transfer in a Coolant Surrounded an

Exponentially Stretching   Sheet

S  Manjunath   and Sreelakshmi D                                                                 43


Minimum Breadth of a Graph

Tabitha Agnes M and L Sudershan Reddy                                                       63


On Equality and Strong Equality of Domination Number
and Independent Domination Number in Graphs

Femlin Pious  and Mayamma Joseph                                                                 73


Articles of Issue #33>>

Research Articles

Synthesis and Spectral Aspects of Mixed Ligand Cadmium(II)

Chelates of an ONS Donor Thiosemicarbazone

Jinsa Mary Jacob and M R Prathapachandra Kurup                                                                     1


Evaluation of Antimicrobial Properties of Morus alba

Grown on Silkworm Litter

Manjula A C, Shivashankarappa L H, Asma Saqib,

Vijay Deep and Rohini Keshava                                                                                                    11


Gene Therapy: The Current Codon Status

Ganesh Sambasivam                                                                                                                            19


Molecular Iodine Catalysed One Pot Synthesis of
Spirooxindoles by Tandem Knoevenagel Cyclisation

Aatika Nizam, Anitha Varghese, Rekha Kumari,

Louis George and Savitha M S                                                                                                            23


Distribution of amino acids in sediments of a mangrove
ecosystem, west coast of India

Zeena Jayan and N Chandramohanakumar                                                                                      31


Articles of Issue #32>>

Mapana-Journal of Science

No 32, 14, 1, (2015), ISSN 0975-3303|

Characterization and Electrical Conductivity of
Electron Beam Irradiated Metal Phthalocyanine Complexes

Ashok R Lamani, H S Jayanna, Prasanna G D,
Naveen C S, Rajeeva M P  and  M H Moinuddin Khan                                      


Electronic-Ionic Conductivity of
Lithium-Vanado- Phosphate Glasses

B Eraiah                                                                                                                               


Study of Atmospheric Instabilities through Radioactivity
Charan Kumar K, Kamsali Nagaraja, Rajendra Prasad T,
Narayana Rao T and Venkat Ratnam M                                                                


Climate Change Analysis using Satellite Data
Kamsali Nagaraja and Balakrishnan Manikiam                                                 


Experimental Studies of UV Irradiation Induced Changes

in Optical, Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of

PVA/Modified Cellulose Composite

Sunil G Rathod, R F Bhajantri, V Ravindrachary, Jagadish Naik,
Vidyashree Hebbar, H Chandrappa and T Sheela    


Articles of Issue #31>>

Mapana-Journal of Science

No 31, 13, 4, (2014), ISSN 0975-3303|

Virtual Screening of Drugs against HIV-1 Protease

Geeja S Kurian , Shanmugam V M  and
Evelyn Nithisha Prathap                                                                                             


Potential uses of Parthenium hysterophorous,
the obnoxious weed

Chandan S V                                                                                                                    


Emergence of Extensively Drug Resistant (XDR) Strains of
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in TB Patients in Kerala, India

Leny  Jose , Biljo V  Joseph , Divya Lakshmanan , Laiza Paul ,
Sathish Mundayoor , Kumar R. Ajay                                                                     


Polyphenol Composition and Antioxidant Activity of
Andrographis paniculata L. Nees

Praveen N, Poornananda M Naik  and Abdul Nayeem                                 


Phytochemical Extraction and Antibacterial Studies of
Caesalpinia bonducella Seed Extracts

Pethani  Savaji , Savaliya Navanit  and Abdul Nayeem


Articles of Issue #30>>

Mapana-Journal of Science

No 31, 13, 4, (2014), ISSN 0975-3303|

Virtual Screening of Drugs against HIV-1 Protease

Geeja S Kurian , Shanmugam V M  and
Evelyn Nithisha Prathap                                                                                             


Potential uses of Parthenium hysterophorous,
the obnoxious weed

Chandan S V                                                                                                                    


Emergence of Extensively Drug Resistant (XDR) Strains of
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in TB Patients in Kerala, India

Leny  Jose , Biljo V  Joseph , Divya Lakshmanan , Laiza Paul ,
Sathish Mundayoor , Kumar R. Ajay                                                                     


Polyphenol Composition and Antioxidant Activity of
Andrographis paniculata L. Nees

Praveen N, Poornananda M Naik  and Abdul Nayeem                                 


Phytochemical Extraction and Antibacterial Studies of
Caesalpinia bonducella Seed Extracts

Pethani  Savaji , Savaliya Navanit  and Abdul Nayeem


Articles of Issue #29>>

No 29, 13, 2, (2014), ISSN 0975-3303|


Synthesis and Characterization of Palladium (II) Complexes
with Substituted Dihydrobenzoimidazo Quinazoline
Rita Bhattacharjee, Virupaiah Gayathri  
and Nadur Muddanna Nanje Gowda                                                                     


Immobilization of Metal Sulfide Nanocrystals on Multiwalled
Carbon Nanotubes Facilitated by Infrared Irradiation
B R Venugopal                                                                                                              


Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Complexes
of 2-Benzoylpyridine benzoylhydrazone
P V Anila, M C Vineetha  and M R  Prathapachandra Kurup                      
Nutritional Quality Evaluation of Indian Fish-Trichiurus Lepturus
Shameem K, Byju K, Anuradha  V, Vasundhara G, S  M  Nair and
N. C. Kumar 


Articles of Issue #28>>

Mapana- Journal of Science

No  28, 13, 1(2014), 1-8: ISSN 0975-3303|doi:10.12723


Effective Atomic Number and Kerma for Photon Energy  Absorption of Organic Scintillators

Anil Shantappa, S M Hanagodimath                                                 


Orbits of Minor Bodies of the Solar System in the Circular  Restricted Three-Body Problem

Jeremy B Tatum,  and Mandyam N Anandaram                                           


Comparative Study of Shallow Solar Ponds with Different Depths

K Shanmugasundaram, B Janarthanan                                                         


On the Tachocline Zone Location in the Sun, the Luminosity Transport Timescale, the Rotational Inertia and their Time Variation in Standard Solar Models

M N Anandaram                                                                                    


Improved Technique for Retrieval of Temperature and Humidity from Neutral Atmospheric Refractivity Profiles

Deveerappa Jagadheesha,  Kamsali Nagaraja

and Balakrishnan Manikiam                                                              


Applications of IRS and INSAT Data with Specific  Case Studies

Balakrishnan Manikiam                                                         


Study of Solvent Effect in 2, 5-DPAPMC Dye Using  Different Solvent Polarity Parameters and  Estimation of Dipole Moments
J  Thipperudrappa                             




Phytochemical Extraction and Antibacterial Studies of
Caesalpinia bonducella Seed Extracts

Pethani  Savaji , Savaliya Navanit  and Abdul Nayeem

Articles of Issue #27>>

Mapana- Journal of Science

No  27, 12, 4(2013), 1-8: ISSN 0975-3303|doi:10.12723


Mutations Associated with Pyrazinamide Resistance  in the Clinical Isolates of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis  from Kerala, India

AK Anilkumar, GK Madhavilatha, Sarojini S,

Ajay Kumar R  and Sathish Mundayoor                                                        


Biodegradation of Phenolic Pollutants

Mahesh Arvind                                                                                                 


Diversity and Bioprospecting Potential of Bacteria Isolated  from the Arctic: A Preliminary Study

Wilson P Abraham and Sabu Thomas                                               


Biofilms: Formation, Properties, Impact on Industries,  Strategies for Control

Kavitha Panicker and Chandan S V          


Articles of Issue #26>>

Mapana-Journal of Science

No 26, 12, 3, (2013), ISSN 0975-3303|


On the Minimally Non-outerplanarity of
Generalized Middle and Total Graphs
H P Patil   and K Pranavan                                                                                      


Study on Wiener Polynomial for
Steiner n - Distance of Some Graphs
Mary U, Arockiaraj P S and James Albert A                                                    


Solutions of Graph Equations involving
Line, Middle and Mycielski Graphs

H P Patil and   R Pandiya Raj                                                                               


Contra Harmonic Mean Labelling of Graphs

R Sampathkumar, G Narasimhan,   and R Chandrasekhar                    


Further Results on Sum Labelling of Split Graphs
Gerard Rozario J and Lawrence Rozario                                                         


Preclusion for Radix Triangular Mesh
D A Xavier, C J Deeni and M Rosary


Articles of Issue 25#>>

Mapana Journal of Science, Issue No 25, Vol 12, No.2 (2013)


ISSN 0975-3303|


Research Articles


NaBr/98% H2SO4: An efficient reagent for the regioselective

monobromination of least reactive alkanes and cycloalkanes

Mohamed Afzal Pasha  and Nagashree Shrivatsa



H-bonded Chains and Networks:

A Recurring Feature in the Solid State Structures of

Manganese(III) Carboxylate Schiff Base Complexes

Sasi Bini , S  Swathy , V S Thampidas , Robert D  Pike



Fe Substituted SrTiO3 as Visible Light Active Photosensitive

Material for Solar-Hydrogen Generation

Radhika T  and Keerthi K      



Sterol Composition of the Indian Green Lipped Mussel Perna virdis

Anuradha V,   Vineetha P V, Amrutha Manoj, Stephy P S,

Byju K, Shameem K, Vasundhara G, N C Kumar, S M Nair



Synthesis of a New Series of Quinolinoxymethylcoumarins as

Potent Anticancer Agents

D Shamala, K Shivashankar, Vijaykumar P Rasal  and Vineela Pandi



Presence of Phytol, a Precursor of Vitamin E in

Chaetomorpha Antinnina

Byju K, Vasundhara G, Anuradha V, Nair SM, N C Kumar



Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of Copper(II) and

Zinc (II) Complexes of an Acylhydrazone

M C  Vineetha  and M R  Prathapachandra Kurup



Articles of Issue #24>>

Measurement of L X-Ray Production Cross-Sections of Au,
Ho, Bi and K-X-Ray Cross Sections of Nb, Sn, Sb by
Using Protons of Energy 4 MeV                                                                

Daisy Joseph, S V S Nageshwara Rao and S Kailas                                      


Analysis of Trace Elements in Bone by Radioisotope
Induced EDXRF

Daisy Joseph, Sivan Kutty, Ajay Chaubey, R K Choudhury,
Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Urmila Samant  and Cynthia D’Lima                        


Study of Structural and Optical Properties of ZnS:Ni
Thin  Films Prepared by Dip coating Method

C  Gunasekaran V Senthilkumar, P Kokila, S Uma and  

S  Banumathi                                                                                                     


Synthesis and Characterization of Photoluminescent
PVA/ZnS: Mn2+ Nanocomposites

Priya L                                                                                                 


Electrical Conductivity of the Stratosphere

Kamsali Nagaraja S D Pawar, P Murugavel and V Gopalakrishnan                                                  39                                                      

Solvent Effect on the Fluorescence Properties of Two
Biologically Active Thiophene Carboxamido Molecules

D Nagaraja, H S Geethanjali, N R Patil,

F M Sanningannavar, R A Kusanur  and R M Melavanki                                                                                           

Solvent Effect on Fluorescence Quenching of 7, 8
benzo 4 azido methyl coumarin by aniline

R  M Melavanki, N R Patil, D Nagaraja, H D Patil,

J S Kadadevarmath and R A Kusanur                                               


Analysis of Fluorescence Quenching of BPBD
by Aniline in Toluene

J Thipperudrappa and S M Hanagodimath                            


Emden’s Polytropes: Gas Globes in Hydrostatic Equilibrium
M N Anandaram       


Articles of Issue #23>>

Sign-Compatibility of Some Derived Signed Graphs

Deepa Sinha  and Ayushi Dhama                                                    


L(2, 1)-Labelling of Cactus Graphs                   

Nasreen Khan, Madhumangal Pal  and Anita Pal                          


A Comparison on the Bounds of Chromatic  Preserving Number and Dom-Chromatic Number

of Cartesian Product and Kronecker Product of Paths

T N  Janakiraman  and M  Poobalaranjani                                       


Antibandwidth of a Graph

Aditya Shastry   and Nidhi Khandelwal                                                          


Mitigating Black Hole Attacks in AODV Routing  Protocol Using Dynamic Graph

Arunangshu Pal, Anita Pal and Prasenjit Choudhury                                  


Sum Labeling for Some Star and Cycle Related  Special Graphs

J Gerard Rozario, J Jon Arockiaraj and P Lawrence Rozario Raj  


The Graphs Whose Sum of Global Connected Domination Number and Chromatic Number is 2n-5

G Mahadevan, A Selvam Avadayappan and Twinkle Johns       


Graphs in Network Flows

V Manjula                                                                                                              


Skolem Difference Mean Graphs

K  Murugan and A Subramanian                                                       


Characterization of Super Strongly Perfect Graphs in Chordal and Strongly Chordal Graphs
R  Mary Jeya Jothi   and A Amutha


Articles of Issue #22>>

Applications of the Volume Averaging Theory to Momentum  and Heat Transfer within Complex Flow Systems

Akira Nakayama                                                                                                                 


On the Nonlinear Stability of Inviscid Homogeneous Shear  Flows in Sea Straits of Arbitrary Cross Sections

V Ramakrishnareddy  and M Subbiah                                                            


MHD Mixed Convection Flow over a Permeable Vertical Plate  with Buoyancy and Soret Effects

J  Prakash , B  Rushi Kumar  and R  Sivaraj                                                  


Nanofluid Flow over a Rotating Disk with Prescribed Heat Flux

Julie Andrews and S P  Anjali Devi                                                                               


Effect of Boussinesq-Stokes Suspension over an Exponentially  Stretching Sheet in a Hydromagnetic Flow

S Manjunath and L Venkata Reddy                                                   


Mixed Convection Flow over a Vertical Cone with an  Applied Magnetic Field

K R Jayakumar, A H  Srinivasa  and A T Eswara                                                     


Dispersion in a Non-Linear Non-Darcy Flow of a Variable  Viscosity Liquid

M S Jagadeesh Kumar, P G Siddheshwar  and G Suresh Singh    


Study of Thermal Convection in Micropolar Fluids Occupying a Rectangular Box

S  Manjunath   and N P Chandrashekara                                                                   


Diffusive Mass Transfer in an Eccentric Annular Flow

B Umadevi , Dinesh P A, Indira R Rao  and C V Vinay                                          



Influence of Relative Length of Baffles on the Flow Field in a Rectangular Enclosure:  A Computational Study

B H  Lakshmana Gowda  and N Gopi                                                                          


A Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow through a Curved Duct

A K Biswas , Ashoke K Raman  and A N Mullick                                                     


Heat Transfer in MHD Micropolar Fluid Flow Past a Vertical Plate  in Slip-Flow Regime

Ramprakash Sharma   and Abhay Kumar Jha                                                            


Effect of Non-Uniform Temperature Gradient on the  Onset of Rayleigh–Bénard–Magnetoconvection in  Micropolar Fluid with  Maxwell–Cattaneo Law

S Pranesh  and R V Kiran                                                                             


MHD and Thermal Dispersion-Radiation Effects on  Non-Newtonian Fluid Saturated Non-Darcy Mixed  Convective Flow with Melting Effect
B D C N  Prasad, K  Hemalatha, and J Siva Ram Prasad


Articles of Issue #21>>

Mapana 21

Friedel-Crafts Alkylation of o-xylene over  V2O5/ZrO2 Catalysts

Sreejarani K  Pillai,  O  Gheevarghese   and I  V  Tleane                                              


Catalyic Activity Of Ruthenium(III) and  Palladium(II)  Complexes of 2-Methylbenzimidazole (Mebzlh) Encapsulated  in Zeolite-Y and ZSM-5 for Liquid Phase Hydroxylation of Phenol

B P Nethravathi and K N Mahendra                                                                             


Liquid  Phase Benzylation of Toluene over Modified  Titania Catalysts

Sunaja Devi K R  and Sugunan S                                                                                 


Synthesis, Spectral and Magnetic Properties of  Ternary Nickel (II) Complexes with Acid Hydrazones

and Heterocyclic Bases

P B Sreeja, Sunaja Devi K R, Karthika Vinayakumar  and  M R Prathapachandrakurup                                                                       

Biologically Important Schiff Bases and Their Transition  Metal Complexes

Riya Datta  and Ramya V 


Articles of Issue #20>>

Mapana J Sci Vol 11, No. 1, January to March 2012

Research Articles

Studies on Divalent Zinc and Cadmium Complexes Containing 1, 2-bis (n-methylbenzimidazolyl) benzene

Hunasekatte Giriyappa Bheemanna, Virupaiah Gayathri and Nadur Muddanna Nanje Gowda

First order Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of Thorium in Geological Samples Using
Diacetylmonoxime p-hydroxybenzoylhydrazone

Anitha Varghese and A M A Khadar

Multidrug Resistant Bacteria: The Fatal Menace in Healthcare
Suma Sarojini

Numerical Methods for Mathematical Models of Heterogeneous Catalytic Fixed Bed Chemical Reactors

P D Devika, P A Dinesh, G Padmavathi and Rama Krishna Prasad
Research Report

Custom Made Movable Ocular Prosthesis: Esthetics for Social Acceptance
Ravindra C Savadi, Anupama Savadi, Satheesh Kumar and Preeti Satheesh


Articles of Issue #19>>

apana J Sci Vol 10, No. 2, July to December 2011

Research Articles

1) Exact Analysis of Effect of Non-Uniform Temperature Gradient on Marangoni Convection with Free Slip Condition – S. P. Suma, Y. H. Gangadharaiah
2) Analytical Study of Creeping Flow Past a Composite Sphere: Solid Core with Porous Shell in Presence of Magnetic Field – D. V. Jayalakshmamma, P. A. Dinesh, M. Sankar
3) An Experimental Study of Natural Convection in Porous Media Heated from below – P. Nagaraju
4) Numerical Solution for Mixed Convection Heat Transfer from a Vertical Heated Plate Embedded a Sparsely Packed Porous Medium – N. Nalinakshi, P. A. Dinesh, I. S. Shivakumara, D. V. Chandrashekar
5) Chromatic Excellence in Graphs – Kulrekha Mudartha, R. Sundareswaran, V. Swaminathan
6) Parallel Communicating String – Graph P System – Meena Parvathy Sankar, N. G. David
7) Types of Arcs in Complement of a Fuzzy – K. R. Sandeep Narayan, M. S. Sunitha



Articles of Issue #18>>

Mapana Vol 10, No. 1, January to June 2011

1) The Effect of Particle Drag and Wall Absorption on Mass Transfer in Concentric Annulus Flows – B. Umadevi, Dinesh P. A., Indira R. Rao and C. V. Vinay
2) Boundary Layer Flow of Ferrofluid over a Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Heat Source/Sink – Annamma Abraham and L. S. Rani Titus
3) Boundary Layer Impact on Mountain Waves Across Western Ghats of India – Naresh Kumar, M. Mohapatra and B. P. Yadav
4) Treatment of the Effluent Generated from the Pickling Method and to remove their Toxic Property to make them Eco-Friendly – Rajeshwari Chatterjee
5) Split and Non-Split Dominator, Chromatic Numbers and Related Parameters – K Kavitha, N. G. David and L. Selvi
6) Shuffle Operations on Euler Graphs – Meenakshi Paramasivan, N. G. David


Articles of Issue #17>>

Mapana – Vol 9. No. 2 – July - December 2010

1) Diffuse Reflectance Spectra of Coals in the UV-Visible and Near-IR Regions – Manoj B., Kunjomana A. G.

2) Effects of Unsteady Free Convective MHD Non-Newtonian Flow through a Porous Medium Bounded by an Infinite Inclined Porous Plate – N. Ananda Reddy, M. C. Raju and S. Vijay Kumar Varma

3) Major Air Pollutants and Their Effects – H. S. Doreswamy and S. R. Sudheendra

4) Chaos-Logistic Map – Tent Map – Corresponding Cellular Automata – N. Gururajan and M. Sambassivame

5) ETL Auto Reconciliation – Jibrael Jos and Bragadishwaran U.

6) Performance Enhancement of SOAP via Multi-Level Caching – Samiksha Shukla. D. K. Mishra and Kapil Tiwari

7) Graph Equations for Line Graphs, Jump Graphs, Middle Graphs, Splitting Graphs and Line Splitting Graphs – B. Basavanagoud and Veena Mathad

8) Rule Based and Supervisory Training Approach to Develop Expert System Tool for Detecting Lung Cancer Disease – K. Balachandran and R. Anitha


Articles of Issue #16>>

Mapana – Vol 9. No. 1 January – June 2010

1.Rule Based and Supervisory Training Approach to Develop Expert System Tool for Detecting Lung Cancer Disease – K. Balachandran and R. Anitha

2.Effect of Mechanical Stimuli on the Sensitivity of Mimosa Pudica Plant – Yatheesh K Rawgol, Minu Mary Mathew, Bindu Thomas, Vidya V. and Rinchen W.

3.Data Mining Approach in Pre-Term Birth Prediction – Jyothi Thomas and G. Kulanthaivel

4.Associate Ring Graphs – M. James Subhakar

5.A Statistical Analysis on the Growth and Development of HIV Positive Student – Jyothi Manoj


Articles of Issue #15>>

Issue #15, July to December 2009

1. Growth of Antimony Selenide-Crystals by Bridman-Stockbarger Method - Chandrasekharan K. A. and Kunjomana A. G.

2. On the Continuous Monotonic Decomposition of Some Complete Tripartite Graphs - Joseph Varghese and A. Antonysamy

3. Estimation of Steady State Probability Distribution of System Size in M/M/1 Queue

4. Effect of Leaching High Ash Coal by Hydrofluoric Acid and EDTA on Removal of Mineral Matter and Sulphur - Manoj B., Kunjomana A. G. and Mansoor Ahmad

5. Statistical Inference on Share Market: A Review - Suni Ajaykumar and Nagaraja Rao Chillale

6. K-Shell Fluorescence Yield of Thorium Present in its Compound: L. D. Horakeri, S. G. Bubbly and S. B. Gudennavar

7. An Empirical Comparison of Maximum Likelihood and Moment Estimators of Parameters in a Zero-Inflated Poisson Model - G. Nanjundan, A. Loganathan and T. Raveendra Naika  


Articles of Issue #14>>

Issue #14, January – June 2009

1. Extraction of carbonyl, carboxyl functional groups and silicate minerals from coal and its characterization using infrared spectroscopy - Chandrasekharan K.A., Kunjomana A.G., Manoj B.

2. Habit modification of Gel grown pure and doped strontium tartrate crystals - Sindhu A., Gudennavar S.B., Bubbly S.G.

3. Global Warming – Its Causes & Effects - S. Nalinakashi M.A., Dr. Nagaraja Rao, C & S. Sundareshan

4. Market-Oriented Cloud Computing – Delivering IT Services as Computing Utilities - B. Tulasi

5. Performance Analysis of Secure Multiparty Computation Protocol - Samiksha Shukla, D.K. Mishra

6. Different Types of Connected Spaces - M. Sattanathan, Jomon K Sebastian

7. Threatened Biodiversity of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve with Reference to Faunal Habitat and need for Its Preservation - Rajeshwari Chatterjee


Articles of Issue #13>>

Issue #13 - July to December 2008

1. Effect of Second Sound on the Onset of Rayleigh- Benard Convection in a Coleman - Noll Fluid
S. Pranesh
2. Detection of Multidimensional Outliers using Biplot Analysis
T. A. Sajesh and M. R. Srinivasan
3. Sasakian Hypersurfaces of the Generalised Concircular Recurrent Kahlerian Manifold
Y. B. Maralabhavi and Hari Baskar R.
4. Six Sigma Control Limits and a Few Applications
Ambika C., Prakash R., and Nagaraja Rao C.
5. Study of a Horizontal Gradient Furnace for Vapour Growth
Reshmi P. M., Chandrasekharan K. A., and Kunjomana A. G.
6. The Influence of Vermiwash Sprayed Mulberry on Some Growth and Silk Parameters of Silkworm
Bombyx Mori L. - Priyadarshini P. Maddi and Yatheesh K. Rawgol
7. Characterization of Low-Temperature Coal Ash Behaviour under Atmospheric Pressure
Manoj B., Chandrasekharan K. A. and Kunjomana A. G.
8. Modeling of Interstellar Dust Grains
Nagalakshmi A. Rao
9. Role of NGOs in Biodiversity Conservation: A Situational Analysis
Nanjunda D. C.



Articles of Issue #11>>

Issue #11 – July to December 2008


1. Effects of Magnetic Field and Non-uniform Basic Temperature Gradient on the Onset of Rayleigh-Bernard Convection in a Micropolar Fluid
S. Pranesh

2. Detection of Outliers through Influence Function on Affinity
P. Rajalakshmi & P. Geetha

3. Understanding the Interstellar Medium
Nagalakshmi A. Rao

4. On the Computation of the Maximum Likelihood Estimates of the Parameters in a Mixture Model
G. Nanjundan

5. Biogeneric Products: An Introduction
Ivy Louis

6. Mapping of Forest Plantation in Forest Research Institute, Dehradun Using IKONOS Data
Katresha K. & Indra Jit Singh



Articles of Issue #10>>

Issue #10, January-June 2007

1. Vegetation Status in Uttara Kannada District - T.V. Ramachandra

2. Biodiversity Studies and Multicollinearity in Multivariate Data Analysis - Sabu K. Thomas & K.T. Thomachen

3. Bird Diversity on the Campus of the Indian Institute of Science – An Evaluation of Two Methods of Estimation - Surendra Varma

4. Birds of Gundlupet, Karnataka - V.J. Zacharia

5. Avian DIversity in the Wetlands of Bangalore - Antoney P.U., Swetha K.S. & Sreepad S.

6. Studies on Nisin Production by Isolated Lactobacillus Species in Aqueous Two-phase System - Namita Singh & S.K. Mandal

7. Experimenting usage of Camera-traps for Population Dynamics Study of the Asian Elephant Elephas Maximus in Southern India - Surendra Varma, André Pittet & H.S. Jamadagni

8. Application of Remote Sensing, GIS, and GPS Technology on Environment and Earth’s Natural Resources Management - An Introduction - N. Nandini, Aboud S. Jumbe, Sucharita Tandon & Sunita N.

9. Legal Aspects of Water Pollution in India: A Review on Statutory Frameworks - Aboud S. Jumbe & N. Nandini

10. The Mystery of Chakara - John Jacob Puthur

11. Centre for Ecological Sciences Indian Institute of Science Bangalore - Priya Susan Mathew

12. A Personal Environmental Ethic - Malavika Thirukode



Articles of Issue #9>>

Issue #9, July–December 2006

1. Dancy–Benard Convection using a Non-Fourier Thermal Model - P.G. Siddeshwar

2. Klein Paradox for Bound States - a Puzzling Phenomenon - Nagalakshmi A. Rao & B.A Kagali

3. Geometric Circular Graphs - Medha Huilgol

4. Xylanase Production in Submerged Fermentation by T. Longibractium MTCC-936 - Ranjeet Singh & S.K. Mandal

5. AIDS Incubation Period: A Statistical Review - Sahana Prasad, Nagaraja Rao C. & T. Srivenkataramana

6. Investigation on Liquid Crystalline Systems - Manu S., Fyna Francis & Tobin Scaria

7. HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials: A Statistical Review - Annie Sumithri Soans, Nagaraja Rao Chillale & Srivenkataramana T.

8. Biomaterials the Boon of Modern Technology – A Glimpse - Priyadarshini P. Maddi



Articles of Issue #8>>

Issue #8, January–June 2006

1. New Theorem on Perpendicular Bisectors of Focal Radii of an Ellipse - A.K. Maran

2. A Study of Streamlines in Second Grade Fluid Flows - C.S. Bagewadi & S. Bhagya

3. Modified Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs using Symmetrical Unequal Block Arrangements with two Unequal Block Sizes - B. Re. Victorbabu

4. Effect of Different Diets on Survival and Growth of Striped Murrel Fry Channa Striatus - D. Kumar & M.A. Haniffa

5. Impact of Hazardous Industrial Waste on Health and Environment - Anantha Rama V., Prakash P. & Kiran Kumar B.V.

6. Hemicellulases Production by Aerobic Fungi using Banana Plant Substrate Residue as Substrate - Ranjeet Singh, S.K. Mandal

7. Tidal Force of Black Holes - Arun Kenath & Samartha C.A

8. A Comparative Study on Mite-Infected Coconut Trees in Christ College Campus - P. Anand, J. Michael Israel, Ankit Bachhawat, Vandana Garima Gujadhur, Chriss K. George & Antony P.U

9. Estimation under Balanced Systematic Sampling for Parabolic Populations - S. Sampath & M.A. Basker


Articles of Issue #7>>

Issue #7, July-December 2005

1. Application of Live Feeds in the Freshwater Ornamental Fish Larvae of Puntius Dorsalis (Jerdon) - B. Victor, M. Mannar Mannan & M. Maridass, P. Murphy Alexander and J.M.A.P. Arachi

2. Effect of Organic Amendments on Zinc Availability to Maize Bengal Gram Cropping Sequence in a Vertisol - C. Vijayakumar, G. V. Dasar & Basavaraj

3. On Projective Recurrent Kenmotsu Manifolds - C.S. Bagewadi & Venkatesha

4. Neighborhoods and Partial Sums of Meromorphic Univalent Functions - G. Murugusundaramoorthy & S.V.S. Velayudam

5. Characteristics of Petroleum Fuels and Determination of (possible) Adulterants in Petrol/Gasoline by using Gas Chromatography (Petrocol Column) - B. Edison

6. An Evaluation of Different Organic Manures and their P-Enriched Forms at Different Levels of P-Fertilization using Maize Crop - Basavaraj, N.S.Hebsur, P.L. Patil & H.M. Manjunathaiah

7. How to Make the Teaching of Science Attractive? - Maher Abboud

8. Kerr Black Holes and Jets - Arun Kenath, Samartha C.A & Chandrashekaran

9. Versatility of Herbs - Nivedita K, Swati Shourie, Shwetha Sukumaran, P.U. Antony & Prathiba Vinay


Articles of Issue #6>>

Mapana - 6, January–June 2005

1. From Instruction to Construction: A Pedagogy for Effective Learning of Science - Francis Peter S.J.

2. Instructional Strategies to Revitalise the Interest of Students towards Basic Sciences - H.S Ganesha Bhatta

3. Science Education – A New Vision and Mission - Ronald Mascarenhas

4. Evolution of Ideas - M.R. Nagajaru

5. Basic Thinking about Basic Science - A Phenomenal Approach - Nagalakshmi A. Rao

6. Innovative Methods in the Teaching Learning Process of Basic Sciences - Nagaveni B. & M. Prem D’Souza

7. Methods to Revive and Revitalize the Interest of Students towards Basic Sciences - S.N. Shobha Devi

8. Non-Formal Methods of Chemistry Education - Louis George

9. Creating Interest in Students Towards Basic Science - A.P. Radhakrishna

10. Challenges and Strategies that Enkindle Interest in Basic Sciences - Noeline J. Pinto & Roopa S.

11. Kinetics of Oxidation of Benzoin by N. Bromosuccinimide - R. Sridharan & N. Mathiyalagan

12. Horticulture in Vrikshayurveda - M.V. Praphulla

13. Modelling for HIV Spread in Homosexual Population - T. Srivenkataramana & C. Nagaraja Rao

14. A Thermodynamic Analysis of Urbanization - T. Srivenkataramana & T. Balakrishna Bhat

15. Synthesis and Characterization of Benzoic Acid Complexes with Biologically Active Metal Ions - M.S. Selvakumar & S.R. Bheeter

16. Effect of Organic Manures on Soil Properties and Yield of Finger Millet (Eleusine Coracana) - Gaertn
C. Vijaya Kumar, G.N. Gajanana & Basavaraj

17. A Simple Solution for Diophantine Equations of Second, Third and Fourth Power - A.K. Maran


Articles of Issue #5>>

Issue #5, May 2004 - October 2004

1. Kinetics of Oxidation of Cychlohexanol by N-Chloronicotinamide in Aqueous Acetic Acid Medium - R. Sridharan & N. Mathiyalagan

2. Maran’s Theorem (New Theorem) on Right-angled triangle - A.K. Maran

3. Influence of Organic Amendment and Inorganic Sources in Relation to Crop Yield of Ragi and Soil Characteristics - Gopal Dasar, G..N. Gajanana & Basavaraj


Articles of Issue #4>>


Issue #4, November 2003 - April 2004

1. Arthropod Diversity in Rice Nurseries in North-Eastern Zone of Tamil Nadu - J. Diraviam, M. Selvanayagam & S. Ignacimuthu

2. Influence of Sources of Organic Manures on Availability of Micronutrients to Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana, Gaertn) in Alfisal - C. Vijay Kumar, G.N. Gajanana & Basavaraj

3. The Emerging Trends in the Bio-Diversity of Bats in Tamil Nadu - Juliet Vanitharani

4. Environment Friendly Bio-technologies in Managing Chilli Thrips, Sirthothrips Dorasalis - S. Pasupathy

5. Bio-Diversity in Neem (Azadirachta ndica A. Juss) with Special Emphasis on Seed Yield Parameters - N. Srividya & B. Poorna Sri Devi

6. Purification and Properties of the Raw Starch Degrading a-amylase of 4 Mutant strain: Bacillus cereus 1306 - Manoj Trivedi & S.K. Mandal


Articles of Issue #3>>

Issue #3, May-October 2003

Research Articles

1. Steady Plane MHD Flows through Porous Media in the Magnetograph Plane - C.S. Bagewadi & S. Bhagya

2. Two-priced Cubic Spline Functions - Hannah Vijayakumar

3. Kinetics of Oxidation of Hexakis (P.chloroaniline) Cobalt (II) Chloride by Potassium Iodate - B. Edison & S. Peter


Articles of Issue #2>>


Issue #2, December 2002-April 2003

Research Articles

1. Low Temperature Fluorination of Superconducting and Non-superconducting Compounds Using NH4F - George Thomas

2. Synthesis and Characterization of Phthalic Acid Complexes with Biologically Active Metal Ions - S. Peter and M.S. Selvakumar

3. Weak and Strong Bitopological Lindel of Space - K.A. Venkatesh & S. Balasubramanian


Articles of Issue #1>>

Issue #1, May-October 2002


1. Effects of Magnetic Field and Non-Uniform Basic Temperature Gradient on the Onset of Rayleigh-Benard Convection in a Fluid with Suspended Particles - S. Pranesh

2. A Study on the Polarographic Behaviour of Cyclopentanone Oxime - Charmaine Jerome

3. HIV Spread: Some Statistical Results - T. Srivenkataramana & C. Nagaraja Rao

4. Lung Cancer - Prevalence and Patterns - Karuna Ramesh Kumar & Dr. K. Payal

5. Market Integration - Conceptual and Application Issues - N.S. Viswanath & Dr. S.R. Narappanavar

6. Enzyme Profile of Aquatic Hyphomycetes Isolated from the Streams of Kodagu District of Karnataka - Soosamma M.

7. Analog Versus Digital Design: When and Where to Make the Cut - Sayandeep Nag

8. Rational Unified Process Part-1 - Manoj Tharian

9. Radio Astronomy – An Introduction - Prabhu T